How do you Find the Right Online Casino for you in Romania?

Online casino

If you are looking to play casino online, the most important thing to consider is if the casino is secure, trustworthy and honest. We will go over the different factors to look for at an online casino one by one.  At we do make your search a whole lot easier as we have already compared the top online casinos in Romania and ranked them according to security, the casino licenses they hold, player safety, addiction prevention and support, as well as payment and withdrawal options, game variety and game options, just to mention a few. At you have also exclusive casino offers that are bigger and better than what you will find directly at the online casinos in Romania, both in terms of no deposit bonuses and deposit bonuses.

Security at the casino

Let us begin by talking about the casino security.

  • You want to make sure that the casino’s site is put on HTTPS rather than HTTP.
  • That the casino employs SSL Digital Encryption which safeguards your online money transactions. Casinos should employ at a bare minimum 128-bit security protocol or better yet the 256 bit SSL Digital encryption. Basically, how the encryption works is that it encrypts and then decrypts data or files.
  • That the casino employs Anti-Fraud Detection software. The anti-fraud system looks at patterns, discrepancies and predefined rules.  For example, if you as a customer are looking to make a withdrawal, to an account that has never been used before, your account would get flagged. The casino wants to ensure that it is you that is making a withdrawal and nobody else, so the money gets sent to the right person (discrepancy). If for example, you try to log in to your account with a different browser, a different IP or a different new device, you would get flagged and your account might have to be double-checked, before you can log in again (pattern). If for example, you usually make deposits of money between RON 500 – 1000 and all of a sudden you are trying to make a deposit of 10,000 RON, your account could get flagged (this could be a predefined rule set by the casino).
  • Safe banking – you want to make sure the casino uses safe, reliable and known payment and withdrawal options. For example, you want to see that you can use payment options such as Visa, Mastercard, Trustly, Paypal and Bank Transactions, rather than unheard of options, such as Online Credit Pimp, Fast Account transfer or some other unknown providers. 
  • That transactions are verified and secure so that the money you deposit, and any winnings that you want to withdraw, will not be hacked and stolen from you.
  • Confidentiality and Privacy – it is very important that the casino respects and follows the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). The online casino must not only protect your personal details, but also safeguard your casino player account.

If these measurements are put in place you will be able to safely enjoy playing at the casino.

Trustworthy Casino gambling Licenses

You always want to ensure that the online casino has strong and reputable casino licenses. The better casino licenses include those issued by the Government of Malta and Gibraltar, while the weaker and less trustworthy licenses are those issued by the Government of Curacao, Costa Rica.

However, the best licenses are those that are country specific. For example, if you want to gamble in the online casinos in Romania, you want to make sure that the casino has a license issued by the Romanian governmental body ONJN. The same goes for Sweden and UK, which both have independent licenses issued by their respective states.

In Romania, the gambling body ONJN has even began blocking casinos that do not have a valid casino license in Romania. However, some online casinos that don’t hold the Romanian license can still be accessed. However, at, we only recommend casinos that hold a valid Romanian gambling license.


Honesty in responsible gambling and minimum age

Make sure that the casino supports and has a strong focus on responsible gambling. They should have resources in place where you can get help and seek assistance, for any gambling addiction, such as, and Joc Responsabil. That they enforce the legal gambling age of 18 years or older. That you have the option to set a maximum amount of money or limit that you can deposit on a weekly or monthly basis, at the casino, and that cannot be exceeded. That the casino has self-exclusion options available. This feature will allow you to not enter the casino for an agreed-upon cool of period (a week, a month, etc.), but you should also be able to do it permanently.

At Super Cazino we care about the players

The players are our focus and we take our work and reviews very seriously. We test the casinos on a regular basis, we perform deposit and make withdrawals from the casinos to ensure that their deposit options are safe and that withdrawals are credited quickly. We make step to step YouTube videos on how to register an account at the casinos, how to make a deposit at the casinos, how to claim both free spins and bonus money without having to make a deposit. We review slots and other casino games and we even offer customers the ability to play casino slots directly on our platform, without having to register or download a software – it is 100% free and instant. Visit Romanian’s most trusted, honest and accurate casino guide, today!

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