How CBD Products could Benefit Professional Gamers

Many of the largest gaming sports leagues have long banned cannabis from use during competitions, but what is different in their approach is the decision to allow the use of marijuana products recreationally or medicinally at any time that there is not an active tournament in motion. Though most physical sports leagues view cannabis as a detriment to their player’s ability to function at peak performance levels, the opposite is true in the world of gaming. 


THC is often believed to be a performance enhancer in gaming competitions of endurance and has not been allowed in most regions since 2005. The popularity of cannabis and the effects of its naturally produced cannabinoids have long been disallowed, but CBD was only officially added to that list when the Electronic League introduced the new element to its list of banned substances in 2015, but there is a small loophole. CBD products with minor amounts of CBD can often go undetected by tests that focus on seeking out tetrahydrocannabinol (THC), which has led many to experiment with the hemp-derived alternative CBD oil. 

Though CBD products have been used for years in this industry, it wasn’t until recently that the edge that gamers believed that they were receiving was scientifically confirmed. CBD does provide a neurocognitive boost that can give players who use it an unfair advantage over other competitors, and that’s not all. Some of these competitive gaming challenges can last for several hours, and days on end which can lead to stiffness, inflammation around the finger, knee, and elbow joints, as well as damage to the spine. All of which can be lessened or even cured with a few small doses of CBD products. 

CBD’s benefits for gamers  

CBD and gaming are two topics that are rarely found mentioned next to one another, as so few realize the physical pressures that come from years of practice, and hours of intense competitions. This can lead to repetition causing injuries, and chronic conditions that are difficult to treat, even with the best traditional pharmaceuticals. Though this is most definitely the most significant factor for a lot of consumers, it is certainly not the only one. There are many more benefits that might not at first appear to be gamer specific, but also work to improve a player’s overall performance. Especially during a stress filled, all or nothing, incredibly ambitious task. Here are just a few of the most influential factors that could potentially help you to improve your game


If you have ever played a competitive game of any type, then you likely know that the ability to focus is essential. All it takes is one moment of looking away from the screen, or not being ready for an attack to be put out of the game. Though there are more than a few gadgets that have been designed for just this reason, CBD products can help to improve your ability to concentrate uninterrupted, which can be enough on its own to make or break an entire competition. 

Sleep quality 

This common problem is not for gamers alone, as an estimated 5 in 8 people will experience a consistent struggle with quality of sleep at some point in their life. If you have a big competition coming up, then you will need your rest to stay alert and last for the length of the game. CBD products can help you to regulate your sleep, and lead to an increase in the amount of time that is spent in REM. REM is the period during sleep that our bodies use to heal and rejuvenate, so you can see why this would be helpful for gaming. 


Chronic conditions such as arthritis are no stranger to gamers that have spent years hovering over controllers in almost the same position. Though regular exercise, a proper diet, and staying hydrated can help, chances are, a gamer will still experience bouts of inflammation that can be incredibly painful and detrimental to their performance. The cannabinoids CBD is most widely known for its anti-inflammatory properties, and once the swelling is gone, most of the pain will be as well. 

Blood sugars 

Though we do not want to encourage the stereotype of unhealthy or lazy gamers, as anyone who takes part in the industry knows that it can be incredibly physically demanding, rates of diabetes in players is an average of 6% higher than any other demographic. If you have ever experienced a sudden drop or spike in blood sugars than you also know that it is not a pleasant experience and can lead to a sooner than a wanted end to a game. CBD products can help the body to regulate typical bodily functions, and one of them is sugar production, which is essential to avoid this terribly uncomfortable and often dangerous situation. 


Even if you are usually a relatively relaxed individual, a high-pressure situation like a test or competition can be enough to make anyone panic. CBD can help to soothe and relax in the same way that marijuana use does, without the detriment that the euphoric effects of the psychoactive cannabinoid add to the mix. This can also help with other factors listed here like sleep quality and focus, which can both adversely impact the quality of a play. 


Since CBD products work from almost every angle imaginable to relieve potential issues or uncomfortable feelings, they all end up working together to provide a much more extended period of endurance. This can help a professional gamer to get to the end of competition without experiencing pain or fatigue, which will ultimately improve their overall performance and chances of winning.  

No side effects

The cannabinoid CBD is non-toxic, so there is no need to worry about overdosing. The very few side effects that have been reported are minor and temporary and include upset stomach, nausea, and diarrhea in the rarest of circumstances that typically occur after the consumption of higher doses. CBD products are not addictive, and not psychoactive, which makes these supplements perfect for temporary or long-term consumption, as they will still provide the benefits whenever it is used. 


One of the most significant benefits to taking CBD products is that such a small amount is required to garner the positive results. This makes it a cost-effective option that can last for a very long time. Not only do you need such a small amount it is almost shocking, but if CBD is ingested regularly, a small amount of it will slowly build up in the body for an undetermined amount of time. As this occurs, less and less of the cannabinoid needs to be ingested to obtain the same effects, and it is the only performance enhancer that acts this way. 

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