Hit the Road with Safe Technology From the 2020 Ford Escape

Now that the winter is starting to finally come to an end, it’s time to start planning upcoming road trips and holidays. Road trips are time-honoured traditions of exploring new places and spending time with friends and families.

Creating music playlists that every passenger enjoys, discovering nature and the great outdoors, stopping at fun or interesting tourist attractions — road trips are the perfect way to experience and see the world with the people you love.

road technology

However, as a driver, you know that things don’t always go as planned. While you’re on the road, you’ll want to ensure that everyone in the vehicle is as safe as possible at all times. Check out your local Ford Lincoln dealership to discover the Ford Escape for 2020. It offers a wide array of available technologies to help you maintain awareness of your surroundings and traffic conditions.

Let’s take a look at some of the innovative features of the 2020 Ford Escape that will keep you safe and confident on your upcoming journey.

Pre-Collision Assist with Automatic Emergency Braking

Pre-Collision Assist with Automatic Emergency Braking is a driver-assist system that monitors the road ahead of you while driving. The system will alert you with warning flashes and an audible sound if it detects a potential collision with a car or pedestrian.

The brakes will provide full responsiveness by pre-charging and increasing brake-assist sensitivity when you do brake. If you don’t take immediate corrective action and collision is inevitable, the brakes can automatically apply.

BLIS® (Blind Spot Information System) with Cross-Traffic Alert

This important feature helps increase your driving awareness where you need it most. The BLIS® (Blind Spot Information System) with Cross-Traffic Alert detects if a vehicle is within your blind spot using radar technology, and notifies you with an indicator light in the appropriate exterior mirror.

Cross-Traffic Alert uses similar radar technology to watch for traffic behind you while you slowly back out of a driveway or parking lot.

Head-Up Display

The available Head-Up Display is a useful tool when driving long distances on highways and country roads because it allows you to keep your eyes straight ahead at all times. It creates an image on a digital screen directly in front of you as you look through the windshield.

The display allows you to keep focused on the road without having to look down at the vehicle’s instrument panel.


SYNC® 3 technology is comprised of intuitive and convenient design. It enables you to stay connected to what’s happening inside the vehicle while you drive so you don’t have to take your eyes off the road.

It’s a fully integrated, voice-activated information, communications, and entertainment system that can easily connect with your Apple CarPlay or Android Auto, so you can manage maps and music selections without even having to take your hands off the wheel.

Consider the Ford Escape as your ticket to freedom this spring, and anytime of the year. Whether you’re planning on driving across the country or just a few hours outside of your city, make your upcoming journey a safe one.

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