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mogo mouse

Hate not having a mouse when you’re traveling?The Mogo mouse is a mouse that can be stored and charged inside your laptop’s PC card, unless of course you have a newer Dell notebook, in which case you can’t because you have an express card slot. This mouse dominates over the other Bluetooth mice in the industry because of its slim design and easy storage. The Mogo mouse is compatible with both PC and Macs, as long as they are Bluetooth enabled without any extra software. A plus for those who don’t have bluetooth is that you can buy a USB Bluetooth dongle that will support the mouse. The Mogo mouse comes with a built-in rechargeable battery, which charges when the mouse is docked inside the PC card slot. There is a kickstand on the mouse that transforms the piece of plastic jammed in your PC card slot into a mouse. The Mogo mouse also has 2 finger pads to make you feel right at home with a regular mouse. For $60, its a little expensive, unless of course you travel all the time, in which case this would be a major steal. — Nick Rice

Mogo Mouse [via Gadgetell]

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