Here’s How to Evaluate a VPN Service

Computers hold tons of invaluable information and data. In today’s digital age, people use their computers for both work and entertainment, as well as everything in between. With the popularity of laptops being so widespread, the personal and professional lives of individuals are being carted around cities, from coffee shops to offices and back home again. People also travel abroad carrying sensitive information with them via their computers.


For a variety of reasons, you may wish to protect the information that your device holds. Whether you’re a business professional, avid gamer, media buff or simply an average Joe who values privacy, securing your data is a valid thing to pursue.

With this in mind, perhaps you’re in the market for a VPN service. VPN stands for Virtual Private Network, and the service basically makes your online activities anonymous. Using encryption technology, a VPN recreates the security of a private network no matter where you are. It also connects devices that are not in the same location, enabling secure data sharing. A VPN can be helpful for a range of online activities such as bypassing censorship, torrenting, privacy, anonymity and dodging geographic restrictions, to name a few.

Once you’ve decided to purchase a VPN service, the next step is figuring out which option is right for you. When shopping for a VPN, below are some things to consider.

Identify What You Need the Service For

Just as you would when browsing for any new product, it’s crucial to consider your options before taking the plunge. Each service will offer different features, so it’s best to make a checklist of must-haves so you can narrow your search. For example, if you want to use your VPN for streaming films online, you’ll need one with a high-speed connection and limitless bandwidth.

Ensure Your Device Is Compatible

Not all services will work with every device. Consider which device (or devices) you’d like to connect to your VPN, and make sure the service you choose is compatible before purchasing.

Avoid Free Services

Determining whether a VPN is free versus paid is a great litmus test to see if a service is legitimate. While getting a service at no-cost is appealing to budgeters, it could result in the very security problems you are trying to avoid; the majority of free VPNs are run by cybercriminals. Go with a trusted brand with positive reviews.

Look for Something User-Friendly

If you’re setting up and maintaining a VPN service yourself, you’ll want a program that’s easy to navigate. This is something to look for when reading customer reviews for your potential service.

Consider Customer Service

When all else fails, it’s nice to have the option to get help from trusted professionals. Go for a provider that has prevalent support options on their website and read about their customer service team in the reviews.

No matter what you plan to use your VPN for, it’s imperative that you do your research before selecting a service provider. Armed with this checklist, you now know the right things to consider and will be better able to find the ultimate VPN service for your needs.

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