Grobag Egg changes color with temperature and incites Easter cheer

Easter is just around the corner and what better way is there to celebrate Jesus’ resurrection from the dead after his gruesome death than with eggs and bunny rabbits? Ok, well the Grobag Egg might not have any Jesus candy inside of its shell, but what it does do is a little cooler for us adults (and safer for the kiddies). The Grobag Egg is a temperature read out, which changes color to correspond with the temperature. The Grobag is actually made to be a night light and thermometer for a babies room, but hell, screw the baby (not literally, of course), we want one too.

A blue glow means “Brr, it’s cold”, yellow for “Just nice”, Orange means “well it’s getting pretty hot in here, Mom”, and red means “Holy shit! My organs are frying! Ahhhh!”. All displayed from a permanent back-lit LED read out. Make sure your baby isn’t being cooked or frozen alive, and pick one up for 18.95 Euros. — Andrew Dobrow

Product Page [, via Coolest Gadgets]

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