Gotta Go Briefcase: If you wanna be number one, sometimes you’ve gotta go number two


Here’s something for the up and coming businessman who finds himself with barely enough time to evacuate his bowels. The Gotta Go Briefcase by Rodd Miller is for the business person who will stop at nothing to be at the top…even to take a shit. Busy people know every minute counts, which is why the Gotta Go Briefcase comes with a built-in portable toilet.

The water proof (Phew!) briefcase, looks like any other elegant case, covered in Mahogany leather, even comes with a stainless steel bowl. An impressive amount of elegance for something that literally holds feces. Included is also a fold out privacy panel, in case you decide to use the toilet in the middle of Times Square, but don’t want to be too conspicuous, and a fold out toilet paper ring. To jump ahead in business sometimes you’ve got to do your business. The newspaper and air freshener aren’t included, but are highly recommended. — Andrew Dobrow


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