Google to Bring 1Gbps Internet to Kansas City

In February 2010 Google announced their plans to introduce a 1Gbps fiber optic network that would provide high-speed Internet access to just about everyone who wants it. Well, thirteen months later Google has announced the first city to receive the Google 1Gbps network.

Kansas City, Kansas.

The agreement has already been signed and a team of people and organizations including The Kauffman Foundation, KCNext, University of Kansas Medical Center and (duh) Google say the project will go live at some time in 2012.

From a logistical standpoint, Kansas City, Kansas seems like an ideal target. It’s a larger metropolitan area that would certainly qualify as a “city,” in most respects. At the same time, it’s not so large as to inflate construction costs and it will allow for Google to test the network in small amounts, rather than in a city like Chicago or New York where the network would be stressed almost immediately.

All I ask is that they bring this to Austin, Texas. Soon.

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