Golf Has a Lot in Store in 2020

New Year’s Day, 2020, will be a wonderful day to start the year on the golf course. You will have all of the new gear you received as Christmas presents, so join your buds, and hit the links. Hopefully, you can join the other golfers at the phenomenal Laurel Oak Country Club in Sarasota.


Naturally, we want a set of clubs that will enhance our game. One of the most critical aspects of the best clubs is that the playing drivers offer the best loft. Previous studies have revealed that four out of five golfers are using drivers with the wrong loft. Many teaching pros claim that as many as 97 percent of recreational players used clubs that are not correct for their size and their swing.

Hopefully, your new golf clubs, for 2020, will offer the five key variables. These include the loft, shaft length, lie angle, shaft flex, and grip size. If not, you might want to consider returning your new clubs. Take them back and get fitted for custom clubs. Also, consider choosing Club Champion. They measure you with a high-tech analysis. This results in you being fitted with the best clubs and shafts meeting your specific needs.

Hopefully, you will receive the best new laser rangefinder for Christmas. The laser works anywhere, at any time. It requires no charging. You won’t need to download course maps. The Bushnell Pro XE golf laser rangefinder has been the number one choice on the PGA Tour. It is the first device to offer atmospheric adjustment, which allows for temperature and barometric conditions. It tells you precisely the distance you need to hit your shot under any conditions. It also offers 7X magnification.

The new year will also bring the Personal Golf Analyzer. You need feedback to improve your golf game. This fantastic gadget fits inside your pocket. It uses 3D Doppler radar, which allows it to record eight different parameters, including carrying distance, club speed, ball speed, and so forth.

Another new item for 2020 you might find in your Christmas stocking is the Best Sports Smartwatch. This watch offers all of the traditional displays, which include a second hand. The watch even ticks! Due to its excellent display, it allows you to see in the brightest sun, or the darkest, cloudiest days. It also offers a fantastic battery life. It provides you with the Golf NaviPro, which is a GPS based system. This covers more than 60,000 courses worldwide, including the Laurel Oaks Country Club in Sarasota.

Hopefully, you will receive an invitation to join this club. Be sure to take your wife and children. You will have the choice to play one of the two championship golf courses. Your wife will enjoy playing at one of the 12 HRU-Tru tennis courts. Your children will be entertained at the swim center. This is a year-round family facility offering all kinds of activities and events at a relaxed, refined, and welcoming atmosphere. Be sure to save time to visit their golf shop after you finish playing your 18-holes. You will be amazed at what you find inside the shop.

Most likely, when you open your Christmas presents, you will find some golf apparel. One of the prominent names in golf wear is the Ashworth label. Established by John Ashworth, who combined high-performance with classic good looks, the name has been around for more than three decades. Now he has launched Linksoul. His goal is to bring back soul and style to the industry. His new line features the best and softest cotton fabrics. The new clothing line is so fashionable and comfortable that it’s being worn off the course as often as it is when you are playing a round.

Golfing in 2020 has many new features from which to choose. You need to start the year off right by seeing what they are.

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