Geocaching Help in Your Hands: Android Apps for Electronic Treasure Hunters

With over 3 million active geocachers across the world, it’s an activity that’s significantly increasing in popularity. If you’re unaware of what geocaching is, it’s essentially a challenge requiring you to find hidden items (cashes). You’re simply given the GPS coordinates of where the cache has been hidden, and it’s your job to find its location and find the cache!

A family-friendly outdoor game that’s both fun and rewarding, geocaching is a great way to encourage today’s kids to spend more time outdoors. As geocaching requires the use of GPS, Android apps have become increasingly popular in enhancing the geocaching experience. If you’re looking for some new apps to improve your geocaching fun, read on to discover some of today’s top options!


This free app is often considered to be the most popular geocaching app of all time. Extremely user-friendly even for beginners to geocaching, c:geo allows you to see all available caches near your location as well as save any cache lists and information to your smartphone at any time.

Once you’ve selected the cache you want to find, this app will provide all key information and a handy compass-style map giving the exact distance and GPS coordinates of the cache. As soon as it’s been located and found, you simply record your find in the app and your account will be updated. Simple and perfect for beginners and kids, c:geo is a great app to start with.

Weather Live Free

With almost every outdoor activity, you need good weather to ensure you have the best possible experience – geocaching is no exception. The last thing you want is to have a fun geocaching day planned with the family to discover the weather is awful and not appropriate to be searching for caches in.

So, what better way to rectify this problem and make sure you always go geocaching in good weather? A weather app of course! Weather Live Free is an innovative weather app for Android available now on Google Play, and provides real-time weather updates no matter where you are in the world. Also giving innovative details like wind speed, air pressure and sunrise/sunset times, Weather Life Free is an essential for any avid geocaching fan.


Perhaps one of the most detailed geocaching apps available, CacheSense offers innovative filtering options which allow you to find specific local caches that suit your exact requirements for that particular day.

Once you’ve selected your chosen cache, you’re provided with its GPS location along with accompanying map, photographs and previous notes about the cache. Also featuring a zoom option allowing you to tailor the size and appearance of the map to exactly how you want it, CacheSense literally has everything you need for a fun-packed geocaching experience.

Fun and suitable for all ages, geocaching is a great way to spend time together as a family. With the above apps by your side, you’re guaranteed to have an enhanced geocaching experience without a hitch!

Christopher Bird enjoys outdoor hobbies, whether he’s geocaching, fishing or off-roading. When the weather gets too cold he writes about these activities!

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