G-Plus DS900 copies Nokia 8800

gplus ds900

Taiwanese company G-Plus released 2 new handsets today with a super close resemblance of the Nokia 8800. The DS838 is made of white plastic, making it 89g, pretty light in your hands (95x41x15mm). The DS900 is a sister machine of the DS838 built with a metallic body instead. The DS838 and DS900 are dualband GSM machines that also support GPRS, they both house a 1.5″ 128×128 262K color TFT screen, a 1.3 Megapixel camera, 64 chords polyphony chip with mp3 ringtone function, microSD slots and mini-USB plug so that the phone act as an external mass storage device. As you can see, not only do they look like the Nokia 8800, specifications are pretty similar too; just that G-Plus removed Bluetooth and shredded some bulk. Let’s wait and see if Nokia’s lawyers would start suing. — Sam Chan

G-Plus DS838 and DS900 [Phonedaily Taiwan]

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