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It’s rare that video games offer any sort of stipulation for your creative side, and it’s even more rare in the free online games. The beauty of such games is that they enable your imagination to run wild. Sadly, such titles are in short supply, so when a decent game does appear within this arena, it’s important to take note. With that said, here we explore a great newcomer. Continue reading.


Bonk.io offers a lot of creative aspects in a challenging game that updates regularly. This game is a terrific free online gaming option for anyone with an urge to create. It also offers a great way for you to challenge your friends, either with who can create the hardest level or with who can last the longest. The only limit to the number of levels you create is that on your imagination. If you’ve been looking for a great creative game to play on your computer, phone, or tablet that’s free, look no further than Bonk.io. In this article, we’ll walk you through why we love this game in hopes that you’ll give it a shot, too. We know once you do, you’ll be hooked.

Create Your Own Levels

Gameplay Bonk.io

Have you ever wanted to customize your own level? There’s fewer things more frustrating than wanting to change just a few things about the level, but not having any customizing options. When you play Bonk.io, you have the option of playing a level that’s already made to quickly get into the game, to design your own level, or play levels other players have created. If you’re growing tired of the same levels, the options to mi it up are virtually endless.

Challenge Your Friends

Bonk.io is an online multiplayer game, which means you can play with your friends or with other players located all around the world. You can choose to battle it out in the quick play mode or, you can even try to create harder and harder levels to try and be the ultimate player. You also have the option of playing levels created by other players from around the world. The game updates regularly, too, so you can always find a new challenge to try. Whether you have more fun seeing who can make the harder level or seeing who can last the longest, you’re sure to find a wide variety of challenges to keep you entertained.

A Game of Which You Can’t Grow Tired

Friend challenge

The options available for you to create your own levels are virtually endless. If you grow tired of the premade levels available in the quick play mode, you can easily create your own level and make it as challenging as you want it to be. As previously stated, you can challenge your friends to see who makes the hardest levels; maybe one of you can actually make an unbeatable level. Watch as people from around the world play whatever challenges you create and master them. You can play the levels they create, too. It truly makes it feel like a new game every time you play, which is an unbelievable valuable considering you usually pay for less than half this amount of content.

Play it on Your Own

One of the best parts about playing Bonk.io is that you have the option to play it with friends or play on your own against people from all around the world. As you get better, you can play against better and better players, increasing the challenge. You can meet new people through playing this game, as well, considering you can play against people all around the globe. You can make connections with these people and challenge each other through custom levels, if you choose. The options are endless.

Interesting game

Bonk.io offers challenging gameplay through a fun game. This game takes strategy to succeed but is unbelievably fun. Its options of levels and endless customizable level options makes it feel like you’re playing a whole new game each time you play. This game is fun, free, and easily accessible. Challenge your friends and, with practice, you can become the absolute best. There are endless options for the type of challenges you can create amongst friends or with other players from around the world.

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