Forget VR and Cloud Gaming, Game Streaming is the Future of Gaming

The gaming industry has grown to be a giant in the past couple of decades. Long gone are the days of 8-bit games and chunky Nintendo consoles, the last few years saw esports growing exponentially with prize money going as high as $100 million.

The gaming industry is also one of the fastest-growing and most frequently changing industries with the technological boom in the last few years. It’s like the gamers can’t catch a break, they’ve seen life-like graphics, gesture controls, Virtual Reality, Wearable Games, and  Cloud Gaming almost in no time at all. 

cloud gaming

If you think Cloud Gaming with services like GeForce Now, PlayStation Now, Shadow, etc. is the latest, most promising gaming advancement you’ve sadly mistaken. The already saturated gaming industry ruled by giants like Sony (PlayStation), Microsoft (Xbox), and Nintendo is going to get strong competition from Gaming Newbies Google with Stadia and Amazon in 2020. 

Game On-Demand or Game streaming promises to work similarly to Netflix streaming service, the difference being, it will be a game instead of your favorite TV show or a Movie. Game On-Demand is a concept that enables gamers to play without having consoles or even having the game disc on the physical device they are looking to play on. 

Games will be streamed directly on your TVs, computers, or even smartphones, given that you buy a joystick controller which will be directly linked to the server the game is streaming from, resulting in the lower possibility of lags and delays.

Game steaming will remove the hassle of investing a lot in your gaming experience, you no longer have to spend $500 on gaming consoles even before you buy a game. Game streaming can make gaming into a utility, you can pay as you need. 

The need to upgrade your PC’s hardware in order to play the latest high spec game will be a thing of the past, no matter the hardware requirements, you can play any game as long as you have a screen and a controller. Buying expensive game CDs will be left behind and you could rent all the games you play or pay for the time you play them. 

Even though game streaming is being attempted by Google with Stadia, it needs more than just polishing. The issues include being able to promise a lag-free experience for gamers as the performance will solely depend on the quality of their internet. 

The game catalog which is currently available for game streaming is uninspiring and no large scale game is yet being tested with this concept. Even though the concept of Game On-Demand seems more than promising, the implementation and widespread approval are far from being the case. Google Stadia is an ambitious project trying to take over a market which hardly forgives, Google needs to make sure they take the right steps at the right time to make sure Stadia doesn’t go the route of Google Plus. 

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