Fold yourself an Origami Robot


Can’t afford a actual robot? Don’t worry, either can we. But why put your family through the shame of not living up to your technological duties? Check out the Origami Robot from Mr. Torimoto’s SolidWorks.

It might not be able to fetch you your mail or cook you a dinner, but it sure as hell would look cool sitting on your desk. With the resurgence of origami flying through the sphere of blogs, it fits right in with the geeky trendsetter market. And best of all? It’s free.

Fold your own state of the art robot, put it on your desk and impress your co-workers. The robot kit includes special paper and folding instructions from Mr. Torimoto himself.

Well if it’s from Mr. Torimoto himself, you know it must be good. At least we think thats what it means. — Andrew Dobrow

Origami Robot [SolidWorks eMarketing, via Consumerist]

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