Flux Capacitor USB Car Charger


You will never own a DeLorean.

I admit, that’s a bold statement, and assumes a lot about Our Dear Reader. But for 99% of you, at the very very least, this is a completely accurate statement.  As much as I’d love to bestow upon you the divine luck of extreme wealth and good luck (because really, how many Back to the Future DeLoreans actually exist that aren’t owned by enthusiast who wouldn’t give up their time machine even if their first born’s life depended on it?) of actually landing your hands on one of those beauties, I happen to be a realist.

The Flux Capacitor USB Car Charger will make your annual celebration of the Back to the Future films (mostly marked by you dressing as Marty McFly from the year 2015, outside pockets and all) seem a little less contrived, and maybe even less pathetic. But probably not,

The charger even comes complete with flowing lights as shown in the gif below. Ohhh, so shiny.


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