Floppy Disk Paintings


Ohhhh, shit. Now you KNOW floppy disks are antiquated. They’re now being used as a hip, semi-ironic art form, creating painted portraits of hipsters in their most hipster-y photos. Goodbye floppy. It was nice knowing you!

London-based artist Nick Gentry begged the Internetz to send him all of their old technology so he could build a nest for this little alien babies so he could create beautiful art for beautiful people with degrees and sarcasm. Fix those glasses and flip that hair, young one.

But honestly, I like these pieces. I would proudly hang them in my foyer (pronounced foy-yay), just so I can point and laugh at their ancient ways. The floppy gods will be very, very upset at me, and will strike me down with lightning, setting fire to my foyer and making me rich with insurance lovins’ in the process. Boooyah. Modern life wins again.


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