Flipagram The New App Kid On The Block Allows You To Use Your Favorite Guitarist To Create Movie Memories


Who doesn’t love an app? The problem is that there are so many of them, you likely can’t keep up. If you haven’t heard of Flipagram, listen up. It is one of the most creative new ways to create movie like memories. Whether at home or traveling with your guitar bag, you can udalize this app to create one of a kind content. Using your favourite guitar solos as background noise, it creates memories that are full of sentiment.

Flipagram is the latest app making a splash in the music world. It is a photo and movie editing platform that allows you to use 30m to create some amazing videos. Not just your average movie app, it gives users license to create a short story of their adventures just like a professional. A social media tool, it gives you the tools to add narrative to your movie and photos.

Along the line of other social media apps like Instagram and Vine, which let you loop videos, this app lets you create short movies that you can share with friends and family. Not as involved as Youtube or Facebook, the videos produced on this excellent app are creative and simplistic, yet they can be something really spectacular.

The newest addition to this innovative app is that they just announced that they have obtained the license for music in the US, which allows users to access over 40 million different tracks to produce their own music movie and video. That means that users no longer have to cut, splice, or jump through illegal hoops, to add music to their home creation. They now have a legal license to use their favourite backdrop music with ease.

Flipagram is working with three major music labels and top publishing professionals. Becoming a friend of the music industry, they aren’t trying to go through the backdoor but are walking right through the front.

Paying into the system instead of trying to create ways to cheat it, users are extremely excited about how simple the design is and how amazing the products they create can be. Running its own music chart, there is nothing to hide, or ways that they are trying to get around the system. With full license, they are on the up and up and making music enthusiasts stand up and say “Thanks”.

The internet has brought about many changes in the way that we buy and listen to music. Not all of them have been good ones. Gone are the days when you had to buy an album, but gone also is the day when artists felt like they had full control over the rights to their music. This tech start-up company is making both sides happy by making sure not to step on anyone’s toes and paying for copyright rights as they should.

The tech creator and mastermind Farhad Mohit is changing the way that apps and the music industry relate. Trying to undo the antagonism between the two, he is altering the way that they operate together. What he has also shown is that it is going to be a long and arduous road to get everyone on board to do the right thing.

Mohit understood that one of the biggest emotional captures was music. We all remember where were the first time we heard our favourite song, and in the same respect, a good song can make our memories flood from yesteryear. So much a part of our lives, music can sometimes be the current of emotion for those things that have all but been forgotten.

Knowing that they couldn’t afford the music that they wanted to incorporate into their apps, Flipagram did what most companies do; they did it illegally. Knowing that the only way to go legit is to earn enough income to pay for what they were using, they did it backward.

Now, making some revenue, they have decided to settle up and pay to continue on honestly. Blaming the hardships of affording copyrighted music as the reason they weren’t up front, Mohit believes that if changes are made, then more companies will come clean and do things the legal, and right way.

Reaching deals with record labels and platforms like iTunes, Flipagram will likely be fostered by the music industry over other imitators who will give them a leg up. It remains to be seen whether going legit is monetarily worth it or not.

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