FLEX Light Bearer Holds iPhone, Provides Light, Pumps You Up


This muscley-looking plastic meat head doesn’t want to kick sand in your face like all of those dudes at the beach. Oh, no. His motive is much more harmless. All he wants to do is light your room with his included Statue of Liberty-esque lamp, and hold onto your iPod or iPhone as it charges. Really, he’s a nice fellow.

Don’t let his rippling white biceps scare you. He’s not here to take advantage of your wife like the paperboy and the poolboy… and the pizza delivery guy… and possibly your brother. Nope. He’s here to lend a helping hand! Standing 12-inches tall, he’s no competition compared to your manly physique. You can buy him yourself for a whopping $200 (ouch!) or you can just, I dunno, get a flashlight and just keep your device on the desk while it charges.


Andrew Dobrow

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