Five Things to Consider When Choosing a Sports Betting App

Since the US Supreme Court gave individual states the green light to vote for their own gambling laws in 2018 there has been a flurry of excitement in the sports betting world. Sportsbooks like BetUS have been falling over themselves to launch their products in regions where they can as quickly as possible.

One of the more interesting developments in sports betting in the last few years has been the rise of betting apps. These were already very popular in countries where sports betting has been legal for a while. But the American market opening up at this time has seen these downloadable apps fast becoming the most popular way of betting. If you are thinking of taking a look at sports betting apps, here are five things to consider before you sign up for a new account.

Is it Legal?

First of all, check if you actually can register with a sportsbook where you live. Although the majority of the country can now legally bet on sports, there are places where it is still prohibited. Betting apps may also not be available in regions where the betting laws have changed.

So, before you get all carried away at the thought of downloading an app onto your phone and experiencing the freedom of betting wherever you like – do a quick check. There are plenty of sites that update the national picture when it comes to sports betting and the changing laws.

Can You Bet on Your Favorites?

If you have confirmed that you can legally bet where you live, you should then check the sportsbook’s markets to see if they cover the kinds of events that you are interested in. Most good sites will have a wide coverage of sports, leagues and tournaments – but you should make sure.

As the sports betting industry gets even bigger in the US, we may see more niche sportsbooks setting up. Esports is one area that is covered by nearly all sportsbooks these days – but if you are serious about betting on the big events, you may want to use a site that concentrates solely on that area of betting.

Does the App Enhance the Experience?

There are a lot of advantages of downloading apps for all walks of life. They are usually designed to make our lives easier – and that should be the case with online sports betting too. But there may well be some apps rushed onto the market to make the most of this burst of interest.

That is why you should have a good think about whether you really need another app on your device. You can always search for the mobile version of the sportsbook if needed. So check user reviews to see if the app does make betting and using a sportsbook easier. Then you know it is worth downloading.

What Happens if You Have a Problem?

You may have a long history of sports betting and using apps – and be able to sort out most problems on your own. But there will be a lot of new customers downloading apps that have far less experience. So, it is good to know that there is some kind of customer support to help.

These help teams are never really valued until something goes wrong. But if you do have any questions or issues with a betting app and/or sportsbook, they are the ones to get in touch with. Make sure that you can speak to someone easily – and that there is someone available 24/7.

Any Extras?

Once you are completely happy with the sportsbook you have signed up with and like the look of their app, you will be all ready to go betting. But if there are still a few apps to choose from at this stage, it is the potential extras that could swing the decision.

Live streaming is always an attractive proposition, as well as a healthy number of bonuses on offer. As with anything to do with sports betting, you want to make sure that you are getting the best deal possible.

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