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There has been a trend in the past three to five years that has only continued to grow, that trend is millennials decreased reliance on owning cars and vehicles. Less emphasis has been put on the ‘American Dream’ that our parents and grandparents looked to before. The dream is no longer moving away to a big house in the suburbs with a few kids, millennials now care more about the individual and consider city living crucial to thriving both socially and in their careers. This more centralized locale has made a car less of a necessity and more of a luxury with public transportation and biking growing in popularity.

Although this may reign true, a car is still a very valuable and necessary item to have for life creating nearly limitless possibilities on the road, with adventure being only a few turns away. Use these tips to find the perfect car for you and be the envy of all your friends.

Environmentally Friendly  Cars

If hurting the environment is what sours your thoughts on getting a car, fear not as there are lots of economically friendly options. 2017 has become the year of the Hybrid, with environmentally friendly cars being all the rage. U.S News and World Report recently released its list for the top Electric and Hybrid cars of 2017, providing options that are perfect for any terrain or lifestyle.

Think Compact

Another thing to consider when finding that perfect car the size of the vehicle itself. Bigger, clunkier cars not only take up more space (which can make finding parking impossible,) they also use and waste more gas. With a car already being an additional expense, don’t purchase something that limits your adventures and eats through your wallet.

Stick to used options

Purchasing a car does not automatically make it your go-to method of transportation. Having it as an options is the most valuable aspect of owning a car, making the adventures that seemed impossible before, all of a sudden in reach. You can own a car for the personal excursions while still taking the train to work. For these reasons it makes sense to purchase a used car, rather than a new one. is one of the largest providers of new and used cars, ensuring that you’ll find exactly what you desire.

Use these tips and more to find the perfect car for you. Whether for everyday use or only for specific situations, these tricks will make whatever car you choose your new go-to.

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