How to Fill your E-cig Tanks and Cartomisers

Vaping is a new trend that is now becoming extremely popular due to the fact that it is 95% less harmful than conventional smoking. Vaping companies offer many flavours ranging from alcohol, menthol, bakery desserts, vitamins, and ice cream in the form of e-liquid. A well regarded company that I found is called VapersWAREHOUSE. They sell all of these flavours and more, meaning that there is a flavour to suit all types of vaping flavour preferences. Their range has is inexpensive and, because they also regularly promote price offers, there is always something there for everyone!

All refillable cartomisers need e-liquid to operate. Depending on the manufacturer, some come empty, while others already have e-liquid inside them. The benefit of filling e-cigs yourself is that you can mix and match flavours together for a unique taste as well as to save money. There are different techniques for filling due to the availability of many e-liquid flavours and types of hardware in the market.

Some e-liquid bottles come with eye droppers attached to the inner side of the cap which makes it convenient to fill your cartomisers. You just need to draw up e-liquid into the dropper and discharge into the poly filling. An alternative method of filling is through a syringe which is quick and precise as you can visualise how much ejuice you are adding.

The following is a short guide on filling your e-cig tanks and cartomisers:


Popular with vape mod users, these tanks come in different sizes and hold the vaping e-juice in a cartomiser surrounded by a glass or acrylic tube. Due to this they hold more vape juice than a cartomiser alone. Another top feature is the ease to see when you need a refill as the tank is transparent. Also, e-cig tanks always come empty and are required to be filled with e-liquid before usage. You can also use an e-cig tank with a stick battery or a box mod.

  1. Pull the cartomiser half an inch through bottom of the tank. You would see a tiny gap between the tank’s top and the transparent acrylic or glass side of the tank.
  2. Tilt the tank a little and fill straight into the cartomiser until it overflows. Then fill the tank surrounding the cartomiser.
  3. After filling the juice, push the cartomiser back up inside the tank and put your drip tip on the cartomiser and start vaping. When the space between the wall of the tank and cartomiser is dry, it is time to refill the e-cig tank.

When filling vape mod tanks all you need to make sure of is to drip e-juice straight into the tank until it reaches the fill line, if there is one. The majority of vape tanks are bottom fill, but most newer tanks are now top fill tanks.


Cartomisers are offered as either empty or prefilled e-cig cartridges. More often than not e-smokers use them until the vape juice is finished before throwing them away, while other vapers refill them until they start tasting a little off.

  1. Use a thumbtack to prudently remove the tiny white disc by penetrating the tack into the tiny hole and pulling out to one side.
  2. Grip the cart at a 45-degree angle and drip five e-juice drops into the inside wall of a cartomiser while rotating it after every drip for an even fill. Repeat until e-liquid is sodden into the white filling. You should know that vaping cartomisers can hold 20 to 30 drops.
  3. Replace the little white disc onto a cartomiser and set on an even surface for ten minutes. After that, your cartomiser is ready to be attached to your e-cig battery for vaping. However,if e-liquid comes out while vaping, you have overfilled the cartomiser. Remove it from the battery and blow additional e-liquid through bottom of the cart onto a paper cloth.

Moreover, the Taryn spin is a popular technique used to fill cartomisers. This method makes the most of the amount of vape juice that you can fill in your cartomisers, irrespective of the method you may choose to use. Therefore, after filling your cartomiser, place it (after ensuring that the battery end is down) into any bag or holder and spin it. The centrifugal force will push the vape liquid to the battery end, leaving space for more e-juice.

It is critical to remember that from 2017 onwards, new rules are restrictingthe size of e-cig tanks and refill containers. This means that UK vapers can only buy devices that have tanks with a maximum size of 2 millilitre which is smaller than majority of the hardware available on the market. It also means that e-smokers now have to refill more regularly as they can only carry small bottles of e-juices.

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