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Designer quality sunglasses at economical prices with a warranty to replace if broken or stolen!

About this Project- Fello Eyewear Indiegogo

Sunglasses are not just for looking cool at the beach. Scientific research has shown time and time again that the ultraviolet B rays of the sun can damage the retina of the eye, perhaps permanently. Constant exposure to harming rays of the sun can even lead to cataracts later in life. Many doctors recommend wearing sunglasses for their obvious benefits to eye health.

However, only about 73 percent of adults in America wear sunglasses, and only about 58 percent of children do the same. We want to change this trend. We want everyone, especially the children, to don a pair of sunglasses to ensure long-term eye health.

Other than lack of awareness regarding the benefits of sunglasses, we understand that many people don’t wear sunglasses due to high cost. Most opt for cheap sunglasses to wear as a novelty or a fashion item for a short period of time. These cheap sunglasses break easily, are uncomfortable to wear and do not provide adequate protection against harmful UV rays. We want to change this problematic trend by creating designer brand-quality sunglasses for half the price.

The ultimate goal of Fello, therefore, is to design top-quality sunglasses that everyone can afford and look good in. We strive to become the new standard in an industry led by greed.

High Quality, Polarized, Sunglasses for the Greater Good

At Fello, we are designing sunglasses that rival the biggest brands out there, but at a fraction of the price. Our team comprises of eyewear enthusiasts who have been carefully studying the trends in the industry for several years. We have a “Fellosophy” to revolutionize an industry that artificially raises the price of an essential item.

Each pair of Fello sunglasses is made from carefully selected material to maximize quality and comfort. Our sunglasses are equipped with polarized polycarbonate lenses to reduce scratches and damage from impact. The frame is made from natural cellulose acetate, a non-petroleum based compound that makes Fello sunglasses sturdier and longer lasting.

All metal parts are made from chrome brushed stainless steel.  We use flexible spring hinges to allow for better movement. We’ve maximized the comfort level by redesigning the tips of the frame to relieve pressure behind earlobes. Plus, we have taken out the infamously uncomfortable rubber nose pads. Fello sunglasses are enclosed in an eco-friendly and stylish cylindrical faux leather case.

Each pair of Fello sunglasses come with an unbelievable warranty—no matter what happens, whether it’s physical damage, loss or theft, we will replace the old pair with a shiny new one for free!

Fello sunglasses are crafted in California. You can be assured that our products are made with due regard to the environment and workers’ rights.

Fello’s Vision to Help the World

We work with VOSH International, a remarkable organization that provides solutions to the overlooked yet vital need for eye care in developing countries. Fello is dedicated to helping those in need wherever they may be.

Please contribute to help us make our goal for high-quality affordable sunglasses come true. At the moment, we are being as frugal as possible by personally conducting safety assurances. We will be immensely grateful for any support offered on Fello Eyewear Indiegogo.

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