Fascinating New Technological Developments In Home Security

The promise of a home security system is to protect your loved ones and your property at home. Today, it’s easier than ever to fulfill that promise because home security systems have evolved in many remarkable ways.

In our modern world, some kind of security measure is an essential feature of any home. Unfortunately, it’s rare to find a neighborhood where you don’t have to bother to lock the front door. And when you go on vacation, you have to follow a number of holiday security measures so that nobody knows that no-one is home.

At a minimum, you should have good locks and windows that shut tight, and it would be better if you had door chimes, sensors, and alarms; however, it’s not necessary to stick to a minimum level of security because advanced home security technology is highly affordable and more than worth the cost. In fact, it’s no longer necessary to rely on standalone systems to protect your home. Black Hat Security Systems will connect all your devices and make it easy to keep your home safe with features like security systems, cameras, remote access, energy management, home automation, and medical alert systems.

Advances in Home Security Systems

There have been three major advances in home security systems: home automation technology, camera technology, and wireless technology. In addition, fundamental security systems have been upgraded to perform even better.

  1. Home Automation Technology

Home automation technology blends mobile application development with wireless communication to make it possible to control your home remotely. You don’t even have to be near the house to control your home and can even be in the next state.

Besides checking a feed from your security camera, you can use your smartphone or tablet to turn any lights on or off, lock and unlock doors, regulate your thermostat, or arm or disarm your security system.

  1. Camera Technology

Not only is it possible to view live feeds from your smartphone (or other device), but the quality of the image will be excellent. You won’t see grainy black and white pictures that most people associate with security cameras because all that has changed. Thanks to advances in image technology, the tiny megapixels in both your webcam and your smartphone will provide you with full-color high definition feeds. But that not all, it’s also possible to tap into individual cameras at home from your smartphone. You can pan or zoom in on anything you want in a room. In addition, you can record and capture any important footage with DVR.

  1. Wireless Technology

In the past, smart burglars knew that they could simply cut the telephone line to render the connection between the home and a central monitoring station useless. Now wireless technology makes it impossible for burglars to sabotage sensors, alarms and cameras.

  1. Upgraded Systems

Although advances in home automation, cameras, and wireless technology work remarkably well to make a home more secure, this does not mean that long-established, fundamental security systems have become obsolete. Instead, security technology companies have improved them considerably.

Let’s take a quick look at these upgrades:

1. Sensors. Door and window sensors have increased in accuracy and reliability. In addition, there are now more types of sensors available. For instance, tamper-sensitive sensors will alert you if someone tampers with your control panel; temperature sensitive sensors will alert you to fire conditions; humidity sensitive sensors will alert you to flood conditions; and pet sensitive sensors will recognize the difference in motion between an intruder and a family dog.

2. Smoke detectors. In the past, smoke detectors would go off if you burned dinner; upgraded smoke detectors have sophisticated heat reading thresholds.

3. Carbon dioxide sensors. These are now better at detecting dangerous levels of poor air quality.

4. Medical alert sensors. Elderly or disabled people can wear panic buttons that allow them to trigger an emergency response.

Today, it’s possible to keep your home safe in a wide variety of ways. Besides enhancements in existing systems, it’s now possible to remotely view live feeds on your phone, tablet, or computer from your security cameras; lock or unlock doors, control thermostats and lights, and even deploy medical alert systems. Moreover, when the housekeeping crew comes to clean when you’re at work, you can simply press a button to disarm the house and then arm it again once they leave.

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