Essential Survival Tools You Must have in Your Car

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Most of us only keep a few repair and maintenance items in our cars. But that car jack might not be particularly useful if you are in an emergency situation. All car owners are strongly advised to keep an emergency kit in their vehicles. These tools will help you survive an accident or an unforeseen disaster. While car survival kits can vary, here are some of the most important tools you must have in your car:

A First Aid Kit

A first aid kit would be necessary to attend to cuts and bruises you might suffer in an emergency. These kits are essential when you are venturing out on road or camping trips. If you are in a rural area, the emergency responders might not reach you as quickly as in the city. If you or someone with you is injured, you will need the right medical supplies to deliver treatment before an infection sets in. You can buy first aid kits from pharmacies. You can also assemble a kit as per your personal requirements.

A Tactical Flashlight

One of the most important and basic tools you must have in your car is a tactical flashlight. Don’t confuse these flashlights with the ones you keep at home in case of a brownout. A flashlight at home just issues a bright light. Tactical flashlights have multiple light modes, including an SOS mode you can use in an emergency.

These flashlights also tend to have much stronger beam strengths. Some products may even contain useful features like a seat belt cutter that you can use in case your vehicle gets in an accident. Invest in a great flashlight with military grade-tech and security certificates to include in a survival kit for your car.

A Fire Starter

Fire starters are necessary in case you get in to an emergency in the winter. A flashlight can illuminate your surroundings, but won’t keep you warm. You should have some type of a fire starter in your car survival kit. Matches are the popular choice, but you might want to think about water-resistant fire starters as well.

Bottled Water

This is necessary for the worst type of emergencies where you might be stuck in an area for several days before rescue teams show up. A sealed water bottle will not expire for years. Therefore, keep one in the trunk for those “just in case” situations.

Energy Bars

If you are stranded without water, then you won’t have access to food either. Our bodies can survive for much longer without food than water. But don’t count on that. Keep some energy bars in your glove box for those situations that you rarely think about.

Window Breaker

Buy a window breaker to escape your vehicle if it gets into a serious jam. You can purchase seat belt cutters and window breakers in bundle packs online. Buy a compact product that would definitely fit in the glove box or an area that’s really easy to access.

Ice Scraper

Getting stuck in cars in blizzards or snow storms is a lot more common than you think. Make sure the car survival kit is ready for winter emergencies by packing an ice scraper. Add a Mylar blanket or any other warming blanket to the kit to keep you warm in case you have to spend a night your car in a snow storm.

Don’t wait to assemble a survival kit for your car. Get the above necessary tools right away to make sure you are on the road ready for any disaster.

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