Essential Platforms to Work Remotely from Anywhere in the World

Companies are beginning to offer employees the option of working remotely in increasing numbers. Finding the best remote work solutions that enable employees to stay connected and be just as productive as they would in an office is essential as teams turn more efficient every time.

There’s a growing number of people that are choosing to work remotely and find remote employment possibilities because of changing lifestyles as opposed to applying for the typical 8 to 9-hour corporate jobs while sitting at a desk.

This group has been baptized as “digital nomads”, as the most important tool they use is an internet connection and a mobile device such as a laptop, or even a smaller device like a tablet or a smartphone to fulfill their duties.

Even people in positions of authority have chosen to leave their desk jobs and pursue independent, remote work as there are a lot of benefits to working remotely.

Either you need to start looking for a remote job, or you need to improve your organization and productivity with new tools, this article will go through every app and platform you’ll need to fulfill your dreams of working from anywhere in the world.

Finding a remote job

LinkedIn is one of the best platforms to find a regular job, but because of the shifting of patterns in job hunting, you can find more and more companies offering remote positions in job listings that were used to demanding a permanent occupation of a desk.

There are other platforms specialized in remote employment like Upwork. The spectrum of jobs on Upwork includes anything from content writing to web design, video editing, research, and programming. Jobs that are most common to freelancers.

Both allow you to either find one fixed job for a single company or find several clients to work on different projects.

Communicating with your clients and work colleagues

There are tons of apps that you can use to communicate while working away from the office. But there are few that are especially focused on the user experience and efficiency when doing so.

Remote teams and social organizations all over the world adore the communication tool Slack. The application makes direct messages, threads, and channels available for conversation. The site also allows remote coworkers to play games, talk casually, and shout out to each other. To further increase efficiency and save time, Slack interfaces with a huge number of apps, including Asana, Zoom, and Google Suite.

Learn to disconnect with entertainment tools

For a remote or freelance worker, finding time to get away from work becomes crucial as this kind of position usually comes with the opportunity to be flexible and have a working schedule according to your needs. The risk is to always ask for more work as it’s directly related to the monthly bill you’ll invoice your client.

And if you’re living abroad, in a new city where you’re starting to get to know people, you can always rely on online forms of entertainment to keep you amused. From movie streaming platforms to online gaming, the problem isn’t finding what to do but rather knowing what sites to trust in a foreign country.

Look for specialized and trustable brands like Asia bet that offer online casino gaming in Asian countries such as Thailand, which has become a popular destination for freelancers. In this case, searching for the keywords in English and the local language like online casino, known asคาสิโนออนไลน์ in Thai, will allow you to enjoy thousands of casino games and even let you bet safely with multiple payment options at your disposal. Switch off from your daily tasks with games like poker, blackjack, or slots to return refreshed to work duties.

Keep your connection secure

One of the most important things to prevent data breaches or getting your devices corrupted is to be sure to have a secure connection while working on a public Wi-Fi or even in a private Wi-Fi as you’re always subject to phishing or hacking attacks.

To be safe while browsing the internet you should subscribe to a VPN (Virtual Private Network) provider. A VPNisused mainly to encrypt your internet channel to protect your personal information and data. It could also allow you to have a faster connection and if you activate the function of masking the IP, you’ll prevent others from tracking your online activity, this includes any webpage you visit.

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