Epic Saturn Storm is as Wide as Earth

This is the kind of storm that Saturn residents (if there were any) would only see once in a generation. A gigantic storm is raging on the surface area of Saturn, causing huge temperature disruptions and incredible visual imagery.

The storm has affected the atmosphere, wind and even the composition of the atmosphere — in an area that’s over 87,000 miles wide. This is only the sixth “monster” storm that has been observed on Saturn since 1876. The unique thing about this storm, is that it’s able to be viewed by NASA’s Cassini space orbiter, which has provided us with some stunning pictures.

Researchers at NASA suspect that the storm originated deep inside Saturn’s water clouds, and then expanded to punch up through the upper atmosphere. There don’t seem to be any signs of the storm abating anytime soon, so the Cassini spacecraft should be able to closely monitor the storm’s development.


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