Electric Party Refrigerator: keep drinks cold anywhere

electric party refrigerator

Pool parties are really fun until that igloo cooler that holds 6 drinks is empty and you have to go back in the house, soaking wet, just to get 6 more drinks. The Electric Party Refrigerator will remove the worry of ruining that expensive hardwood floor; this portable refrigerator can hold massive amounts of drinks right where the party is bumping. This roomy �watering hole� can hold 72 12 oz�sodas, 48�IBC root beers, or 36 bottles of�sparkling cider. What�s technical about this party-saver is the ability to control the temperature for the specific needs of your drinks. There are two baskets on the exterior to hold fruit or more drinks, and if you�re 21+, you can use the 2 included cutting boards to prepare fruit or put your wine in the 2 external wine caddies. If you�re not quite able to drink yet, you can still prepare fruit, but leave the wine in your parent’s wine cellar. The cooler will stay cool even if the lid is left open at a party; you can�t blame the drunk guy for not closing it (he probably doesn�t even know where he is). If you have a lot of parties at your house, dish out the $500 for the Electric Party Refrigerator; otherwise, stick with the cheap ice chests from Target. � Nick Rice

Electric Party Refrigerator [via Newlaunches]

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