Duck Image USB drive protects your bike

duck image usb lockIt’s a daily occurrence at colleges and universities around the nation, and this USB drive might help solve the problem. This problem is of course, bike robbery. While those who have their bike seat stolen are out of luck, a new USB drive made by Duck Image has a built-in bike lock. Time to get metaphorical. Get how your USB drive keeps your data safe? Now it can also keep your physical property safe. While we are not too sure how secure a three number twist dial lock is, but it’s definitely better than nothing. Even looking at the worst-case scenario, when someone steals the bike lock for the USB drive, they still have to enter a password once the plug it into their computer to try to access your data. So whether you’re extra paranoid, a college student, or just want a bike walk/USB drive combo, this design fits your needs. Too bad no one is making it yet (it’s just a concept design). — Nik Gomez

Duck Image USB Drive [CrunchGear]

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