How Driving Makes You Feel Independent

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Do you want to feel the freedom which enriches one after breaking free from everything? Are you extremely stressed and want to relax yourself ? Do want to just run away from everything in your miserable life? Well, the answer to all of the above questions is DRIVING! To drive away your stress, to feel the independence and to break the strings in which you are stuck you should drive. Let us see why! Here is a small excerpt.

A Beginner’s Diary:

“When I joined my first job, I was inexperienced and new. I was not used to all this stress, targets and office politics. Every time I thought about the deadlines, I felt a mini heart attack. Then one day I decided to quit. I did not give up everything and just ran away. I just took a car on rent and went on a long drive, all alone! I had no idea of where was I going, I just kept driving on highway. I felt so much confident. I felt free. I felt independent. I felt I was leaving everyone behind, my targets, my boss, my clients everything! It was such a great experience. I came back after driving 4-5 hours at a stretch without any destination. That experience just changed me. Now, whenever I feel low I know there is my car waiting to accompany me.”

How should I start?

Driving will make you feel independent. You don’t need to depend on public transport or someone else to drive you. The charge is in your own hands. If you are new to driving, drive a couple of blocks to a grocery store with good parking and pick up a treat for yourself. If you get comfortable with that, pick one a little further away or to a place where you are likelier to have park properly. Those kinds of low little impact errands will you a lot of practice. Getting into a car and driving it yourself to visit places will make it easier for you to drive and also will boost your confidence.

Have a car which you like. This will make the things easier. Spend some quality time with it (*wink wink*). Get some nice seat covers, have some driving music ready. Get to know its dimensions and how it parks. Hit the accelerator in an empty street and see how far it catches speed. You need to love your car. This will make driving smoother. Knowing your car gives you an immense boost which will make you feel more confident.


Drive a lot. Force yourself to do it and eventually you will get to used it. There is no direct connection in independence and driving, but when hands are on steering wheel, you will feel like the controller of your own mini world.

Other than that, just force yourself to do it. You will rejoice it more when you are not under time pressure, outside of rush hour, to places that are not much far away.

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