Does Smoking Marijuana Kill Your Brain Cells?

With the US elections coming up in November 2020, a lot of voters seem to be gravitating towards pot-friendly candidates. By pot-friendly, I mean anyone who thinks recreational use of marihuana is not a problem and is willing to legalize weed in the state. 

Whereas, lawmakers in some states like New Jersey have preferred to let the voters decide whether to put recreational marijuana legalization on the November ballot. Senator Nicholas P. Scutari of New Jersey made a statement saying “It’s time we give the voters an opportunity to weigh in on this“.


Is Smoking Weed Bad for Your Mental Health? 

Along with Alaska and New Jersey, Even states like Florida are pushing to let the voters choose whether to put recreational marijuana legalization on the November ballot. Despite a stern warning from a representative at witnesses Wednesday in presentations to the House Health Quality Subcommittee, it seems like the legalization of recreational marijuana is inevitable in Florida. So, will legalizing weed cause havoc in the community? Does it affect the mental health of smokers?

There was a study done in New Zealand to find out the effects of smoking weed on the mental wellbeing of smokers. The study also found out how it affects the brain cells and IQ power of the participants. They took 1000 participants from the ages of 13-38. Most of the participants regularly smoked weed, while there were a few who didn’t.

They found that chronic users who started smoking from or before the age of 18 had an IQ 8 points lower (than a non-smoker of the same age) when they turned 38. Although an 8 point IQ drop is considered to a lot, it should be noted that the participants smoked 4 times the weed a regular smoker does.

This study was performed on chronic smokers so it’s difficult to determine the extent of brain cell damage it can incur in a regular weed smoker (basically, someone who smokes one or two joints a week).

How many grams a week should I smoke? Is it even worth a try if I am new to psychedelics?

Before you read ahead, we would like to tell you that we are not promoting the use of recreational marijuana, neither have an opinion of whether it should be legalized or not. In this post, we intend to inform you about what the researchers and other weed experts have to say.

Research from WikiLeaf suggests that the inhalation method of the weed plays a vital role in determining the amount of psychoactive content your body has absorbed. Smoking pot via a joint lead to a lot of wastage and hence you don’t absorb the total content present in it.

However, inhaling weed via an inhaler is a whole different game. With an inhaler, there is no room for wastage. You absorb every millimeter of weed you smoke. In conclusion, smoking less than a gram a day is considered normal among regular smokers. Although there are no studies that prove the validity of such claims.

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