DIY: Mini Segway

Think you can ride a Segway? Sure, it might look easy – until you fall. For those not skilled in the ways of a normal-sized Segway, perhaps a mini Segway would be more to your liking. This DIY project found on the forums was posted by user Arduino.poet whose created this mini-Segway which has no practical purpose but does show his passion for hardware and the Arduino. Why else would he be the self-proclaimed Arduino poet?

Using some LEGO pieces and an Ardunio, this Segway is capable of self-balanced movement at a speed that could be deemed too fast. Just kidding, this thing is slow as molasses. Arduino.poet also uploaded his library to Sourceforge for all to use and is willing to answer any questions anyone has on the project over at the forums.� My question: where’s the cup holder?

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