Dislyte and Mythology’s Major Influence on Modern Gaming

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Video gaming has proven to be incredibly flexible through the years, as the industry has turned to a wide array of concepts for inspiration. Titles have been created that are based on everything from sports to comic-book superheroes and this level of variety means that players can enjoy so many different experiences. It really does seem like a world of endless possibilities right now.

However, every now and then, game developers like to travel back through the centuries as they create brand new titles. Historical themes have had a big impact on gaming, while sometimes companies even turn to our earliest stories and myths for inspiration.

Big impact

Many cultures across the world have incredible mythologies and they have fascinated society for a number of years. However, their impact on gaming has been particularly eye-catching.

A host of titles are based on myths and legends, with many being found in the online casino world. Experiences in this domain tend to be based on a range of themes and, when you play online slots games at William Hill, you will see many linked to mythology. For example, the Age of the Gods series is a big part of this world and the site includes games like Rulers of Olympus and Medusa & Monsters. Norse mythology is represented by Power of Thor Megaways, while there are also Egyptian-themed titles like Fortunes of Ra.

Mobile gaming has embraced mythology through the years too, thanks to titles like Olympus Rising. The Google Play listing for the strategy game explained how it is based around the Greek gods doing battle. Other forms of video gaming have also turned to similar areas for inspiration. For example, the Smite website details how the free-to-play title includes a roster of over 100 gods. The site also references a few examples, including the likes of Zeus, The Morrigan, Ganesha and Ra.

Source: Pixabay

New experience

With all of this in mind, it seems clear that there are plenty of gaming experiences out there based on legends, myths and folklore. However, this trend shows no signs of slowing down, as another brand-new title has now joined the pack.

Dislyte has been launched by Lilith Games and was described in a press release last month as a urban mythological RPG. Available on iOS and Android, the title features a range of characters known as Espers. These individuals are inspired by deities from a range of cultures, including Greek, Norse and Egyptian, with the release on Games Press namechecking icons like Odin, Hermes, Medusa and Loki. It also detailed how the heroes in the game have a key task – to defend humanity from what is described as “its greatest threat”.

Players have to build a team of five heroes, with the title then making use of turn-based gameplay. It also includes a few other key features, with music playing a major role in the proceedings. The press release explained how different elements of the game feature beats from genres including EDM, techno and pop, while players can also get musical rewards. This allows them to both discover new sounds and create different moods.

A major influence

It is incredible to consider the many different genres that gaming has managed to embrace through the years. However, as mythology continues to fascinate and fire imaginations all over the world, it makes sense that this area is one that the industry returns to again and again.

At this point, it is fair to say that ancient myths and legends have a major influence on modern gaming. Furthermore, it seems like their impact will be felt for many years to come.

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