Disgusting Food Facts You Probably Don’t Want To Know

Haven’t you always wanted to know some really gross facts about your favorite foods? Well wonder no more because we’re here to enlighten you…

Greek Yogurt

The manufacturing process involved in making Greek yogurt produces millions of pounds of (toxic) acid whey waste each year…no one has yet figured out what to do with it.


The soup canning process so violent that it requires specially grown huge, super-tough carrots so they won’t disintegrate.

Hot dogs are filled with a blend of meat trimmings, fat, and starch that, when mixed together, resemble thin soft serve ice cream.

Food products that are red and pink colored are many times that color because they have been dyed with cochineal extract which is made from the bodies of tiny crushed-up insects.

Maraschino cherries are bleached with chemicals and marinated it in giant vats of corn syrup and dye to make them red again.

Veggie burger ingredients get mixed together in a huge wheelbarrow…using a shovel.

Via BuzzFeed

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