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Mental health

Can we take medicine online?

Mental disorders have been gnawing at a huge slice of the population recently. And although people have started treating this illness more liberally, it still remains a matter of discussion. Some are afraid of acknowledging that they have symptoms of anxiety, others are too shy to share their thoughts with others. Fortunately for both sides, scientists over the globe have developed cutting edge technologies, which promise to treat you well without a direct contact with a medical expert.

In contrast to just being sick, mental disorders can last for years. Usually the best, and the only possible treatment of the latter, is talking with others who can understand you, or with whom you can share your feelings. Simply speaking, the roots of mental disorders lie deep in the mind of a patient. Brilliant young minds from Great Britain have created a program that pledges to substitute you a doctor, relative, and even friend – a chatbot. The chatbot is a software that can hear you out, give you a piece of advice, and sustain your mental health throughout your life. Actually, it is the best way to deal with chronic illnesses that can’t be cured, as well as helping those who feel lonely.

The app is designed with the aim of making people’s lives better. One of its creators, who had been diagnosed with several incurable illnesses, said that he noticed how a regular conversation with his friends and relatives supplanted the need of visiting therapists. Therefore, he decided to go further and create a program that could try to cover the majority of issues of those in need.

Another huge breakthrough in treating mental problems was spotted in the same Great Britain. Michael Carthy, a therapist with experience uses a unique method to help his patient overcome problems – Virtual Reality glasses. He states that it’s the best way to find and face your fears, and in the end, deal with them. While being immersed in the virtual world, you can’t distinguish what’s real and what’s fake. It’s like watching your favorite movie and being pulled onto the cinema screen: there will be a part which will seem real enough to generate a proper emotional reaction. Simply speaking, the fears which you’ve been avoiding in real life (even in your imagination) will become real so that you can confront and come over them.

Summing all the above-mentioned, mental problems have its origins deep inside a mind. It’s all your mindset that regulates the health of your brain. Even when you’re reading horoscopes (which are mostly positive) you believe what it’s said there thus you start feeling better. Actually, it’s a nice practice, it may be another way to treat your mental problems – just read something uplifting every day. On that positive note, you can even take a look at your gambling horoscope – who knows, maybe it will help you get into the spirit and hit a jackpot at a casino.

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