Crypto Gambling On-The-Go: 4 Types of Crypto Gambling People Can Access on Mobile

When cryptocurrencies first became mainstream, it was clear that they would be tied closely to mobile devices due to the convenience that they offer, whether you use an iPhone or Android.

Technically, crypto was first invented in around 2009 and has its roots even earlier than that, and when you consider the iPhone was first popularized in 2007, the two have been on a linked journey, inventors and early adopters of crypto always predicted people would carry access to their money around in their pocket via a device.

For the vast numbers of gamblers now using crypto this further helps with the ease of playing their favorite games or gambling on events, being able to log into their accounts and move cryptocurrencies around on mobile devices.

Slot Games

A lot of studies show that slots are the most widely played of all casino games, both in-person and online, as people don’t have to learn any rules or understand the complexities of gambling to play slots, like they might in poker, for instance.

Slot games weren’t always so easy to play on mobile and there was a time when their compatibility would be patchy to say the least, meaning you might have needed a certain operating system to use them. Flash games were notoriously tough to play on any Apple device, and this language used to be what many of the slot games were coded in.

Nowadays, convenience for players is far better, both in terms of slot games and their compatibility with your device and payment methods. There are sites where players can access slots using Bitcoin as a payment method now, and some sites that are specifically using crypto for staking.

Some of these slot games may use a USD equivalent, or a token-based system for slots, rather than using the decimals of cryptocurrencies as the balance during the games (this can get pretty complex).

The fact that slots can be loaded on devices, rather than needing their own interface or specific machine like the slots of the olden days, means there is much more choice for players. Slot themes can be as diverse as ancient Egypt, science fiction, hunting, music, and more. Plus, unlike the casino slot games scene 10-15 years ago, players don’t usually need to consider whether they’ll be able to access the games when they choose a new phone or device. Compatibility has gotten so much better.

Sports Gambling

Estimates have found that sports gambling is worth more than 240 billion dollars a year worldwide and that is with the restrictions currently in place in some locations. Millions of people every week visit a stadium or watch sports on television. Many of those fanatical about sports choose to gamble on the various markets available to add another dimension to viewing.

Crypto continues to make this much easier to do, as people can log into a crypto gambling site from many different locations, depending on legislation and laws in the local area.

Moving money around using cryptocurrency is also becoming easier, as well as adding a level of anonymity and extra security. On top of that, cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin are quick to move around and use in a gambling account.

From the Premier League to the NFL and beyond, there are the same markets available when using crypto as there are when using traditional currencies, so those who make the switch have the same level of choice and coverage. Sometimes, crypto gambling sites even offer live streaming.

Esports Gambling

Esports is taking over and there are huge games on the market such as World of Warcraft, League of Legends, Fortnite, and many more that have spawned a whole industry. Crypto companies have been early adopters in the world of esports too, often sponsoring the teams and tournaments. There are a lot of people who watch these events and use their phones or other devices to gamble on the outcomes of the Worlds or other huge tournaments.

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Mobile Poker

Poker is going through something of a boom, a little bit like the one it experienced in the early 2000s, and both cryptocurrencies and the option to play on mobile are playing a big part in this. Players can use Bitcoin or other forms of crypto to deposit into a poker account or even join a tournament, and this means even more speed and convenience. The game is played in the same way, so poker players don’t have to learn about any new mechanics when making the transition from traditional currencies to crypto.


We all want to be able to access our money or play online games without having complex signups or difficult processes to move money around. Both cryptocurrencies and mobile devices add a huge amount to a gamer’s convenience and it is no wonder they have driven the industry forward in such a way.

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