Cruel and Unusual Punishment: Revenge Toilet Paper


Imagine this. You feel a rumbly in your tummy. This is a very familiar rumbly. It’s the rumbly of sickness. It’s the rumbly of fear. It’s the rumbly of liquid. It’s the rumbly of “I NEED TO FIND A TOILET RIGHT NOW OR MY LIFE IS GOING TO END!”

You race to the nearest restroom, and let out a sigh of relief as you safely make it to the toilet. All seems well. Everything is in its right place. You slowly move your hand towards the roll of toilet paper, content in the fact that your pants are going to see another day. And that’s when it happens.

The paper won’t rip! It’s not even budging. Instead of ripping it seems to be stretching. Is this some sort of sick joke? Indeed it is. And you’ve probably earned it!

This Revenge Toilet Paper is the finest in modern prank technology. Whatever the victim attempts to do, it will not rip. The panic sets in. And revenge is yours!

Buy your own for $7.19.

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