Crossy Road: The Fun Game that Tests Your Skills and Reflexes

Have you ever wondered, seriously, about the joke that asks why the chicken crossed the road? Who made it up? Was there actually a chicken? Because if there wasn’t a chicken then, there is now. Crossy Road is all about that chicken and her obvious curiosity about what lies on the other side of the road. Well, in this game’s case, multiple roads.

The gameplay of Crossy Road is endless. You have to guide your chicken from one side of the road to another, of course, but then there are also train tracks and log-filled rivers to consider. This is a game that tests your patience, concentration, skills, and reflexes. You have to be calculating, cunning, quick, and efficient; otherwise, you can kiss your clucky chicken butt goodbye.

Where You’ve Heard of Crossy Road Before

Crossy Road was originally released via mobile apps by gaming legends Hipster Whale in 2014. It has since spread like wildfire, becoming a viral game that hundreds of thousands of people have played worldwide. It’s been a feature on numerous platforms and devices, but Poki is the first and only to offer the all-inclusive version via the interwebs. You can now visit Poki and play Crossy Road here.

How Do You Control Your Chicken?

The controls for Crossy Road are simple with a basic keyboard. The ARROW keys are your main movers. The UP arrow pushes your chicken forwards, the DOWN arrow, of course, moves your chicken backwards, and you can go to either side with the LEFT and RIGHT arrows. The SPACEBAR also plays a part in the game, as you use it to start a new game, or to spin the prize machine.

Crossy road

Sound is a big deal on Crossy Road because cars honk, trains hoot, and bald eagles caw when your character is in imminent danger. There’s little you can do to avoid an attack by a bald eagle, but you can quickly calculate a move and dodge other obstacles when you hear their sounds. So, keep your speakers up or your headphones on for optimum gameplay.

What are the Objectives, Obstacles, and In-Game Bonuses?

The objective of Crossy Road is simple and basic—there is no objective. The objective is the high score. And the more you play, the better your high score will become. You can essentially create your own objectives, because the courses themselves are endless. That means endless cars, trains, rivers, and chances to be the best.

Obstacle-wise, you already know about the vehicles and logs, but one unavoidable obstacle is the bald eagle. This hungry birdy can swoop in at any moment and fly away with your character for a quick snack in its nest. When this happens, you’ll hear a CAW before disaster strikes. This usually signals the end of your current game, but you can snag your free prize, spin the prize machine for a new character, and try to rack up an even higher score next time.

Crossy Road is rife with in-game bonuses. You can collect scattered coins towards a spin on the prize machine. This machine takes 100 coins, and it often gives you playable characters in return. Each character comes with their own unique set of abilities and speeds. For instance, there’s a Rusty Robot that seems rickety at first, but proves indestructible in the face of some cars. When you have unlocked characters, you can switch between them to enhance your gameplay.

Why You Should End Your Day with a Game of Crossy Road

The better question would ask why you shouldn’t end your day with a game of Crossy Road, because there’s no answer to that question.

Crossy Road is far from mindless, but you CAN zone out and relax when you delve into a serious gaming session. The game itself is addictive. You start out thinking that it’s going to be a simple gameplay, where you get to call it a win in a few short minutes. But then it surprises you.

Play crossy road

All of the sudden you have to dodge a truck coming your way, pick up a coin lying at the center of a train track before you get mowed down by a locomotive, and then race across a raging river with calculated, perfectly timed moves. And, when it’s all over, and you are safe on the lawn, you want to do it all over again to rack up an even better, higher score.

Where You Can Play the Game

If you want a safe, secure platform to take a chance at Crossy Road, Poki is the way to go. The web version of this game is a Poki exclusive, complete with a tell-all description that gives you the need-to-know info about playing the game before you press start. Not only does Poki offer you a positive, safe Crossy Road experience, but there are hundreds of other games on the same platform—just in case you want to try your hands at more skill-building fun.

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