Creative BLOK: The New Notebook on the Block


Notebooks have changed a lot since the Egyptians first started using papyrus. While laptops, tablets and smartphones may be essential tools in our repertoire, they can’t replace a well-constructed notebook. It just feels right to put pen to paper and write. After all, it’s the pen that’s mightier than the sword – not the stylus.

A notebook is a must-have in your arsenal if you’re a writer, designer, student or just someone with a creative bent. A good one makes all the difference: it’s easy on your eyes, doesn’t sustain damage too easily and protects your ideas from the elements. A lot of companies make tall claims about their products, but here’s one that actually lives up to them: Rain Visual Strategy + Design’s Blok.

Designer-artists David Rengifo and Steve Smit have designed what just might be the perfect notebook: the Blok. Bloks are better than your average notebook – they were designed with smooth functioning in mind. As of now, you can buy their flagship notebook, the Creative Blok. In the future, two other variants -Writer’s Blok and Grid Blok – will be available.

The Blok stands out from the crowd in the following ways:

Lies flat on its back

Gone are the days when your notebook would close in on itself just as you write your masterpiece. Say goodbye to staple pins that stick out and spring binders that refuse to budge! The Blok lies completely flat and comes with unique smythe-sewn binding which enables it to do so. The laminated cover made out of black linen goes hand-in-hand with the bright orange color inside and contrasts beautifully with the pages.

Carefully constructed

The Blok’s laminated cover is a bright, stimulating orange. 117 pristine white pages (blank, the Writer’s Blok will have ruled pages) form the rest of the notebook, waiting to be filled with your colourful ideas.


The strong binding means that the pages will never fall out. The cover features a pen holder on the inside so you never have to look one. A pocket built into the cover lies opposite to the pages to hold any documents you may want to save: it’s like Pinterest for your notebook!


Environment-friendly practices are central to the production of Blok notebooks. The paper is acid-free and bound with thread. The binding is done locally and in a unique way.

Writing is a joy in itself, but with an instrument like the Blok, it becomes an even more pleasurable experience. When the vessel for your ideas is in this new and improved form, can brilliance be far behind?

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