Creating a User-Friendly Ecommerce Website


There are many reasons why user experience and design can make or break an ecommerce website. You can see great examples at Magento designs by Bing Digital.

Conversion rate is the big talking point most marketers emphasize. Other benefits include reduced customer support, reduced customer acquisition costs, repeat purchases, and the super important customer referrals.

Have a Clear Call to Action

You want a call to action that inspires your users. It should be noticeable and contrast with the rest of the page. It should be clear to your user what will happen when they click on the CTA.

Have a Guest Option

Have you ever visited a website and not been allowed to view the content without registering? What did you do? If you are like most people, you moved on to a different website. Have a guest option so that your user will be able to hang around whether they are registered or not.

A Picture Is Worth a Thousand Words

One advantage that a brick-and-mortar store has over an online store is that people can see and touch the products. Using high-quality images can help make up for the difference between online and in-person shopping.

You want to take pictures at different angles and make them zoomable and do everything you can to create a positive customer experience. Video can also be incorporated to make the product more realistic. Having instructional videos related to the product can even be more effective than shopping at a physical store.

Words and Product Descriptions Matter

Product descriptions are more than getting a few words on a page for SEO. You really want to use good copywriting techniques when creating product descriptions. Keep in mind the purpose of your description.

You want to give buyers the right information, so that they will convince themselves that this is the right product for them. Wordy overhyped messages are not the best way to create great copy to sell your product.

Clear concise useful information as what the potential buyer is looking for and that is what you should give them.

Feature Sales and Specials

People love a good deal. Having a prominent area that feature sales and specials will encourage people to buy. This might even be the nudge that turns casual browsers into customers. Having a dedicated section that focuses on sales and specials will increase conversions.

Make it Easy for Your Customer to Get Help

One way to lower support costs is to make it easy for your customer to get help. You want your shoppers to feel welcome and like they have access to an actual human when they need one.

People don’t like to gamble with their money. They feel much more secure knowing that they can get help and can easily get a refund if needed. Have prominent contact information. Make your website customer-centric.

You can also use live chat. Although, some people think chatbots are annoying. Use those with discretion.

Answer the Why

Let your customers know why they should buy from you and not from someone else. List benefits and features that you offer that other people don’t. Explain why you and your products are the best and why they should trust you. With a few simple tactics and a little thought your ecommerce site can rise above the rest.

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