Cost-Efficient Technology for New Businesses


Technology can’t solve every problem business owners encounter, but it does an excellent job of helping new companies, startups, and small organizations keep their expenses to the bare minimum. Whether you operate an auto parts store, a beauty salon, a transport company, or a manufacturing firm, there’s a technological solution that can meet your needs. Nearly every startup faces the thankless task of preparing an initial tax return, doing payroll, making a budget, and performing other accounting-related jobs. 

Dozens of software products can do the bulk of the work. Likewise, transport companies of all sizes need to track every shipment and deliver goods on time. Again, computer apps and programs help humans get the job done. For so many other chores, like asset tracking, overseeing warehouse security, and keeping tabs on employee hours, affordable technological solutions play a big part in resolving all kinds of growing pains faced by new business owners. Here are several of the top choices among successful entrepreneurs.

All-In-One Software for Accounting Startups

Sophisticated software products can get pricey, especially for larger organizations with complex needs. However, many of the best accounting products are inexpensive and easy to install and use for startups and smaller firms. Managers typically buy off the shelf programs or hire an IT pro to integrate new systems into their existing operating platform. These powerful little apps can tackle major chores like internal audits, preparation of tax documents, creation of long-term budgets, and more.

GPS Technology for Transport Fleets

In many ways, GPS is a modern miracle. The low-cost solution is a component of multiple business solutions, and fleet management is no exception. How can managers learn about the ins and outs of GPS vehicle tracking for truck fleets? The most innovative way to get started is to check out a comprehensive online guide and decide which GPS tools best suit your vehicle fleet.

Asset Tags

Keeping track of valuable assets like computers, machinery, and office equipment is critical to supervisors. One of the low-cost ways is with coded tags on physical assets. The tiny devices use barcode tech and global positioning systems (GPS) and radio frequency ID (RFID) to send out information about precise asset locations. Consider that it costs just a few dollars to put RFID tags on every computer, copy machine, laptop, and other appliance in a vast office. Compared to the value of the assets they track; the high-tech tags represent an insignificant expense for owners.

Smart Cameras

Many new businesses focus a lot of energy on data protection and cybersecurity but do not give the same efforts towards monitoring the physical spaces. Recent breakthroughs in video and camera technology mean any entity can afford to use a network of smart cameras to maintain security. Cams get the job done in warehouses, storage units, parking lots, data centers, offices, and any space where electronic eyes can serve a purpose. Smart cams can read barcodes, alert supervisors of unauthorized activities, and detect motion outside buildings.

Time Clocks That Do It All

Modern time clocks are light years ahead of versions that were in wide use just 20 years ago. Today’s hard-working devices can keep tabs on every minute of work, monitor breaks, log accurate in-and-out movement, use biometric tools to identify workers, and deliver detailed reports directly to executive teams.

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