Copy Editing Vs Proofreading: What Is The Difference?

Editing and proofreading are often used to describe the same thing, but they are two different tasks

Writers have always existed, even since ancient times. However, today, they have become even stronger. In an interconnected world, communication skills are key to achieving goals. And what better than a good content writer for that? Yes, this professional rocks. But not only this one. This is where you see these two important figures: the editor and the proofreader. These characters are also an essential part of the process. Beyond their differences, both are necessary to create good content.

Copy Editing

It is difficult to differentiate this professional from the proofreader, since both edit, in some way, what the author has written. But, relax! In this article, you will learn what it means to be a copy editor. Its purpose is to ensure that the writing style is consistent and that the text flows organically from one sentence to the next. Copy will be subject to minor corrections or modifications, which shall not change the style of the author. A good editor will always respect the author’s voice.

With such a clear definition, it will be easier to identify who is a copy editor. Especially if you work in digital marketing and even more so in content marketing. Checking for errors in grammar, spelling, syntax, and punctuation are his or her most typical responsibilities. One of the most frequent mistakes made by writers is punctuation (a missing or misplaced comma). Although this is not the main task for a copy editor, it is something that cannot be missed.

In particular, in content marketing, readability is one of the basics. If a text is easy to read, the bounce rate (an important metric to drive business growth with SEO) will decrease. What does this mean? After visiting a web page, users will be more likely to take some kind of action! Therefore, a copy editor is essential. In conclusion, the editor is the one who makes texts easier to read.


Saying an editor is in charge of making texts easy to read sounds like his or her job is quite heavy. But he or she is not alone. The proofreader bears the same responsibility. However, they are two different jobs. A proofreader examines the final draft of a document or text after the editor has edited it to ensure there are absolutely no errors. Yes, it is quality assurance.

Proofreading is the last stage of the three stages of editing. This may be difficult to understand if you already have an editor. But, for example, think of a scenario in which the editor made a mistake when correcting a text. This can happen and is very common. Regardless of the years of experience an editor may have, the risk of making a mistake will always be there. A proofreader helps you not miss anything.

A copy editor can offer proofreading services. However, if it is the same person, he or she will probably not notice the error even if he or she checks it several times. Therefore, it is better to separate these two roles.

You just saw one of the scenarios that shows the task of a proofreader. He or she is also focused on aesthetics! It includes aspects such as font type, highlighting certain words or phrases in bold, etc. This is a relevant point as it will engage the user.

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Remember that your content says a lot about your brand. It is your company’s voice! So, your reputation is at stake. Prevent this type of error as much as possible! As you see, professional editing can provide great benefit.

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