Content Marketing Tips for Your New Year New Beginning

Content marketing

January is already half way through, and it is time for businesses to sharpen their pencils and tie their shoelaces to begin developing new strategies for the new content market. The first thing to do is to do a careful analysis of the previous year’s strategies – whether your current marketing strategies have had enough impact and if any significant difference occurred in the traffic, leads and value? Technology is changing every moment – Facebook and Google made some serious changes in their marketing algorithms that have affected the content market pretty much a lot all during the previous year. So, how do we improve the game this year? Follow up these crucial tips:

  • The most important part of marketing is to engage more and more with the viewers, old viewers and new viewers. The second most important part is the quality and originality of your content – how different and better is your content than all others in the market, is the question that has to be answered. The last most important part is giving your viewers valuable content, not just anything mediocre to fill spaces.
  • Once you are clear about your strategies and plans, you need to choose the right tools that will help you execute your plans. With the right tools, you save a lot of money and time. Marketing tools help you build a design, do trial runs, innovate your product, and track your audience. There are many tools in the market – Buffer, Almighty.Press, Groove Jar, MailChimp, etc. There are tools that will help you with all your social media accounts, allow you to identify any viral content, check piracy and originality of your content, track keywords that help you hit more viewers, measure conversion rates, send out customized emails to subscribed visitors, increase web traffic and so much more that helps you make improvements at every step of your operation.
  • If you have some decent budget, you may want to try out Influencer Marketing. In this type of marketing, the focus is basically on people with a decent follower base who can help you connect to your target audience. You won’t be surprised to know that Influencer Marketing is one the most effective channels of marketing. A celebrity on the screen and everyone loses their mind. These people tend to have an impact over the audience attracting them towards whatever you want to sell. All you have to do is to find someone who is related to your field of topics, and has an interest for your product. You don’t exactly have to pick someone who is very famous, instead you can also try out micro-influencers who have decent fan following in a specific field of engagement.

Based on your strategies, you can choose a few complimenting tools, and hit it off.


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