Common Product Endorsements Pitched to Popular Musicians

If you’re lucky enough to become a professional musician with a wide fanbase, it won’t be long before companies start calling about possible product endorsements. Consider it a sign you’ve made it into the big leagues of the music industry.

Since it’s always smart to be prepared, we figured it’d be a good idea to go over the common product endorsements pitched to popular musicians; you never know, by this time next year you could be signed to a major label and have brand ambassadors knocking down your door for a deal.


It’s not unusual for a popular musical artist to be given free clothes to wear by major fashion designers. If you choose to wear these items in public, on stage, or in magazine photoshoots, you’re essentially doing endorsement work for them. It’s a sweet arrangement, but you may want to consider hiring a lawyer and trying to negotiate a monetary-based deal if it turns out your endorsement is paying off for them in big ways.


Producers of vape products, alcoholic beverages, and legalized cannabis are not fools. They know a large part of their market consists of those with a fondness for music. A company selling vape juice online would benefit greatly from being associated with a popular musician. We all know how often we hear brand name liquor being mentioned in popular music today – are these shout outs always the product of pure lyrical poetry or influenced by endorsement deals? You be the judge.


Companies producing energy drinks are always looking for DJs to be holding one of their cans while performing live. What better way to say your beverage gets the job done than to have a seemingly tireless musician gulping down can after can? What the audience doesn’t know is these cans are typically full of water; few artists actually want to consume two or three energy drinks in the span of as many hours but have a need to stay hydrated. The energy drink market supplies them with cans which appear to be filled with their brand of beverage but are instead just cans of water, in order to get the endorsement without giving your favorite DJ diabetes. Pretty slick trick, right?


As more and more aspects of music production shift to computer-based beats and rhythms, and live music becomes more and more about the ability to use digital resources to create sound, technology plays a bigger and bigger role in the industry. Companies manufacturing various hardware, software, and state-of-the-art sound equipment want to be associated with the top musical acts of the day. This is where a successful musician like you comes into the picture.


Famous individuals, in general, are regularly approached by nonprofit organizations in search of donations as well as endorsements. Musicians which have gained a popular following should expect to have these types of organizations reach out for a partnership of some kind. Take some time to consider which, if any, of these causes you would like to associate yourself with; if you say yes to the very first one, it might get hard to say no to the countless others. In the meantime, there is always the option to donate to charity on your own terms, in order to avoid feeling guilty for holding back during a phase of indecision.

Those fortunate enough to make a living as musicians are bound to be approached for an endorsement at some point. The sorts of products you end up promoting will partly depend on your genre of music, but will ultimately come down to which you prefer to accept – if any at all.

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