12 Common Mistakes Companies Make with Employee Engagement Software

The right employee engagement software can offer a company various benefit, including increased productivity, better staff morale, and improved customer satisfaction. 

However, there can also be some drawbacks to the improper use of an employee engagement platform. Here are 12 common mistakes that companies make when using employee engagement software.

Not Creating Sustainable Programs

 When implementing an employee engagement program, companies often fail to create programs that can be sustained over time. It is essential to develop flexible programs that can be adapted to any changes that might occur.

Not Utilizing All the Features of the Software

 Many companies purchase employee engagement software and never use all its features. Taking time to explore the software features and training staff on how to use them will ensure all the capabilities are utilized.

Not Making Use of Automation

 Employee engagement software can automate many tasks associated with employee engagement, such as sending out surveys or communicating with staff. Failing to use these features can mean missing out on the time-saving and cost-effectiveness they offer.

Not Conducting Regular Evaluations 

Companies must be sure to periodically evaluate the effectiveness of employee engagement software and adjust the programs and activities to ensure they are delivering the desired results.

 Not Keeping Communications Open 

Companies must keep employees in the loop about any changes or updates made to employee engagement software. Keeping an open line of communication between staff and management will ensure that everyone is aware of any changes.

Not Establishing Measurable Goals 

Without establishing measurable goals, it will be difficult to tell whether or not the employee engagement software and programs are achieving the desired outcomes.

Not Allocating the Necessary Resources

 For employee engagement software to be effective, companies must provide the necessary resources, such as training and support staff, to ensure that the software is used correctly.

Not Leveraging the Benefits of Team-Building

Employee engagement software can provide many tools for teams to build camaraderie, trust, and communication. Not taking advantage of these tools can mean missing out on the potential benefits of team-building.

Not Seeking Employee Input

Seeking employee input when implementing employee engagement software is essential. Companies must understand how their employees prefer to be engaged and how they can get the most out of the software. Companies should also encourage employees to offer feedback on how the program works for them.

Not Considering the Learning Curve

Employee engagement software introduces new processes and systems that can be difficult for employees to learn. Taking the time to consider the learning curve and providing adequate training is essential.

 Not Integrating with Existing Systems

 When implementing employee engagement software, companies must ensure that it is properly integrated with their existing systems and processes to ensure that data can be easily accessed and shared.

Focusing Only on Short-Term Goals

It is important to set short-term goals to measure success, but it is also important to have long-term objectives in mind. Not setting long-term goals can mean that the software is not being used to its full potential.


While an employee engagement platform can be a valuable tool, it’s crucial for companies to avoid making common mistakes, such as not fully understanding its purpose, not properly training employees on how to use it, and not regularly reviewing and analyzing the data it provides. By taking a strategic and inclusive approach to implementing and using employee engagement software, companies can create a more engaging and satisfying work environment for their employees.

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