Coffee at work – Friend or Foe?


Coffee is the world’s caffeinated beverage of choice. Even with the wide range of choices we have today coffee seems to be everyone’s go-to energy boosting drink. For most people, going an entire day at the work without coffee is a sheer impossibility. Several shots of caffeine to the system seem to be the only thing keeping us on our feet on weekdays.

A lot of people seem to be asking the question whether inhaling all this coffee is good for the body. The population is becoming more health conscious and with that comes the awareness of the bad effects of the things we consume in great quantities every day. Back in the ‘60s, no one went on a No Carb diet for six months and spending on home gyms wasn’t a typical concern for your average Joe but in this decade of overbearing obesity rates, health has become something people worry about.

Coffee is a diuretic drink. Which means it leads to a lot of bathroom breaks and loss of essential body fluids over a short amount of time. This can lead to frequent headaches and even dehydration. Research finds that coffee has quite the same effect as alcohol does on the human body. Apart from this drinking too much coffee can prove to be unhealthy in a lot of other ways as well. People who drink too much coffee might risk severe health problems like heart diseases, arrhythmia and anxiety or stress disorders. Coffee consumption has also been directly connected to insomnia in a lot of people. For people who suffer from hypertension or high blood pressure, coffee can be extremely detrimental. Also it’s important to note that the high content of caffeine in coffee has been linked to essential tremors in young people all over the globe.

However, coffee is not by any means without benefits. Coffee can be very useful for getting in shape as the caffeine it contains increases your metabolism and aids in the process of losing weight by helping you burn fat a lot of faster than usual. The antioxidant properties of coffee can also slow down the process of aging in people and keep you looking younger for a long time. It’s been found the boost our bodies get from drinking coffee is not just on the surface. Coffee leads to elevated energy levels in the human body which makes us more productive in the long run. Apart from that the added benefits of drinking coffee include improvement in various mental activities, and it helps us stay alert and sharp.

Like most other things coffee has its upsides and its downsides. Now whether you think the pros outweigh the cons or otherwise is entirely up to you.

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