Cloud Computing Advantages For Business Owners (Infographic)

To highlight the benefits of cloud computing, an IT company called TSG designed this innovative infographic which shows why businesses should implement this new technology for greater profitability and efficiency.

The infographic shows that Forbes believes 90% of the worldwide mobile traffic will be from cloud applications by the next three years. If you don’t want your business to left behind, it is essential to implement the cloud technology.

Cloud computing has various benefits; it is cost effective, saves time as most applications are readily available on cloud,  maintenance is easier, it is flexible since the applications and tools are available on the go at all times, and it could be easily scaled up or down.

The infographic further mentions that companies using Cloud technology for their ERP solutions are 1.9 times more profitable over a period of 2 years than those who don’t use cloud ERP. Additionally, small business organizations that use cloud services develop 26% faster than noncloud users.

As businesses love to be ahead in the field of technology, only cloud provides them continued growth and diverse opportunities for future development.

TSG - infographic - Benefits of Cloud Computing


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