Clapton vs. Fused Clapton

Clapton coils are much better than regular macro coils, according to the user’s experience. Everyone says it is much better than macro coils. Eventually, there are two versions invented, Clapton and fused. Many people don’t know the actual difference between them. They only know about thinner wire differences. In fact, those two Clapton provide two types of flavors. There are different coils available in the market like twisted coils, Clapton coils, ohm coils, sub-ohm coils, etc.


Clapton coils

It is called a particular type of vape coil. The Clapton coil design is a little bit more unique than the fused Clapton coil. You will see two different wires wrapped around each other to cover the coil. It is usually thicker than standard macro or micro coils. The benefits of this coil are- produces more vapor; it also increases flavor, which is a better choice for wicking. Compared to standard macro or micro coils, it performs far better. But one problem is still in the setups. Because of thicker and extra wire, Clapton coils need additional time to ramp up than standard coils. Due to different vapor production, you are going to enjoy wicking it. 

Fused Clapton coils

A fused Clapton coil is almost similar to a Clapton coil, but it has two parallel wires and another wrapped around the wires. It is thicker than Clapton coils due to two wires but has an increased flavor and vapor production. We can call fused Clapton coils an upgraded version of normal Clapton coils. 

The differences between Clapton coils and fused Clapton coils

There are some differences between normal Clapton coils and fused Clapton coils. Not too many inequalities on, but you need to know in detail.

  • Thickness- Very simply to say, due to dual wires fused Clapton coils are thicker than Clapton coils.
  • Vapor production- Fused Clapton coils are more capable than Clapton coils. It can heat much better than normal Clapton coils. 
  • Ramp-up time- In this case, normal Clapton coils easily beat the game. Because of heavy wires, the fused Clapton needs more time to start itself.
  • Wicking experience- Those who love the huge amount of vapor production will love to use fused Clapton coils. The users inhale this vapor more passionately than normal macro or Clapton coils. 

The pros and cons of Clapton and fused Clapton

In this world, no one is fully perfect. When we found a product to review, we also discovered some cons in that. 

Advantages of Clapton coils

  • It is lightweight than fused Clapton
  • Due to one wired its ramp-up time is less delay comparing to fused Clapton

Disadvantages of Clapton coils

  • Less vapor produce than fused Clapton 
  • Less vapor flavor production

Advantages of fused Clapton coils

  • Monster amount of vapor production
  • Increased flavor production
  • Passionate experience provider

Disadvantages of fused Clapton coils

  • Ramp-up time is much delayed


Now we are clear about Clapton and fused Clapton coils. Which coil you use depends on your personal preferences. But if you ask us, we advise you to go with fused Clapton coils as a professional vaporizer. A lightweight user should go for micro coils or macro. Why don’t we suggest beginners for Clapton coils? We have a very clear concept behind this reason. 

If you are a beginner, you don’t need as much vapor for wicking. The price of a Clapton coil or fused may vary from a normal macro or micro coils. In our local market, we may find duplicates or a master copy of these coils. We hope this comparison gives you enough information to decide your preference.  

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