CelluBike tightens up your ass flab


Not a fan of bubble gum-esque cellulite? The CelluBike is advertised as one of those “get thin in 10 days” type deals, but actually uses some science to back up its claims. The CelluBike looks like the child of a Japanese arcade and a tanning bed. Using infrared lighting, the bike says the infrared lights penetrate the skin 1.5in and warms and softens the fatty cellulite tissue.

Cardiovascular exercise and increased metabolic strength help melt the cellulite away. Supposedly you can actually see the cellulite escaping through your sweat glands, which sounds absolutely repulsive. Much like any exercise machine, we’re sure the fine print applies for varied results. The CelluBike also cooks Hot Pockets to a crispy perfection. — Andrew Dobrow

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