8 Photos of Incredible Places on Earth

An Alaskan Glacier By Berkeley T. Compton

There are some places on Earth that just leave you breathless after seeing them. When captured by a great photographer, these places can come to life for those of us who don't have the means to visit them ourselves.

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Incredibly Creepy Abandoned Building Photographs

Abandoned Clinic for Neurosurgery in Germany by Flickr User Jambommes

There is something awe inspiring about abandoned building photographs - they get the mind racing and always leave a question of life after death. Take a look at these impressive pictures from photographer Jan Bommes. Click each picture to be taken to the photographer's blog for more images.

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6 Incredible Photographs Of Every Day Things

Winter Sky by Anna Fischer

The thing about eyesight is, is that we all too often take it for granted. We see the same objects every day in the same way and they begin to blend in to the background. There is something sad in that in a way, which is why today we are going to take a look at six incredible pictures of every day things, to force you to re-evaluate.

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NASA Photo Chronicles First-Ever Astronaut Jetpack Excursion

You probably don't know this, but February 12th, 1984 was an incredible day for space exploration. No, we didn't discover a new galaxy, or make a huge technological advancement in the area of extraterrestrial communication. However, an astronaut did attempt the first-ever exploratory maneuver that took him further away from his ship than had ever been attempted.

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Amazing NASA Nebula Photo Shows 14,000+ Stars

Want to see what 14,000 stars looks like? Check out this photo from NASA of the Carina Nebula. This amazing photo is from the Chandra X-Ray Observatory, which has provided us with some of the most stunning (and surprising) space photos to date.

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