Casino Commandments: The Don’ts of Gambling

Casino gambling has come an incredibly long way since its beginnings in Renaissance Italy, with the Venetian casino La Casino Di Venezia being the first of these establishments to grace our civilization. Back then casino gambling was only really available for the elite classes, with gambling in taverns and bars being the only thing available to the lower classes back then. 

Oh how things have changed now, however, as these days it is possible for pretty much everyone to have a gambling session like an online lottery, and you can even do it from the comfort of your own home. This is fantastic don’t get us wrong, but it can be dangerous for first time players jumping into the world of gambling without much knowledge of the dos and don’ts. Read ahead for some things you definitely don’t want to be doing whilst gambling. 


Don’t: Use progressive betting techniques 

Many gamblers will tell you that progressive betting techniques such as the Martingale strategy are wholeheartedly the way forward, however we really are not so sure about that. The problem regarding progressive betting techniques is that the only real parameter they take into account is the outcome of your last bet, and this means that following them can often do more bad than good. 

For example, if you follow the Martingale strategy – where you double your bet after each loss – too stringently you could easily end up massively out of pocket. We would recommend ignoring most progressive betting techniques for this reason, or at least only using them here and there. As most professional gamblers will tell you, it is better to mix up your bet strategy as much as possible. 

Don’t: Play a casino gambling game without any idea of the rules 

Casino gambling in brick and mortar casinos in particular has become somewhat of a tourist attraction, especially in places like Las Vegas, and what this also means is that many people end up losing a fair amount of money because they had a go on a game like roulette without truly understanding the rules. 

This is all well and good if you literally just wanted to see what all the fuss about casino gambling is, but if you are playing to win you should really get an adequate grip on the rules before you start playing with real money. It is just common sense! 

Don’t: Start a gambling session without a clear budget in place 

As tempting as it is to start a gambling session with no real budget other than what you have in your bank account, this is a truly awful idea. In doing this there is nothing to stop you spending a serious amount of money whilst casino gambling, so much, in fact, that you could easily find yourself bankrupt at the end of the session. 

It is very easy to combat this – simply create a strict budget before each gambling session, and make sure that this is in a completely different bank account to your normal day-to-day finances and savings.

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